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Bi-Cultural Couples: The Challenges and Rewards
Bi-Cultural Couples: The Challenges and Rewards

David Lawson, a professional psychotherapist, is pleased to announce a workshop to address the concerns of bi-cultural couples.

Relationships between culturally diverse people are inherently challenging but rewarding.

In a world where cultural diversity is an absolute given, psychologists have only recently started paying attention to the cultural issues that people may experience.

Cultural Heterogeneity in relationships is a reality. This represents the convergence of two people and their individual cultures creating a unified culture. The process of forming this new relationship is often difficult and poses many challenges.

Relationship partners who vary greatly in their backgrounds tend to have more challenges that need to be examined.


• Factors that may lead to conflict: Ethnic and national differences that involve traditions, politics, economics and religious beliefs; differences in family dynamics including roles, values, beliefs, communication and emotional expression.

• The challenge: Understanding the issues between two culturally diverse people to reduce the stress and difficulties that may arise.

• Reaching a common ground that carries you both forward. By merging two cultures you may increase your sense of aliveness, adventure and enrichment.

David Lawson - Biography

I am a professionally trained psychotherapist offering psychotherapy and counselling sessions. I use a range of different therapeutic models depending on your needs and expectations. I am trained and experienced in both short-term therapeutic methods (crisis intervention, cognitive behavioural therapy) as well as in long-term models (psychodynamic approach).

I have been in private practice in Geneva since 2002, during which time I have built up considerable experience of working for the international community appreciating the needs of those employed within this sector.

Enrolment: Please enroll through glocals or contact: david.lawson@mentalfitness.ch
T: 078 882 9628
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