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Liechtenstein National Day
Liechtenstein National Day Picture
Sunday, August 15th, 2010 @ 07:30
Vaduz, Liechtenstein, Zurich
Update 13.08.2010

One important notice re latest departure!

The latest public transport connection from Vaduz is at 21.50, just before the Fireworks :(

> Thus, for those who plan to stay for the fireworks, I would recommend to come by car to Liechtenstein!
We can anyway meet in Sargans at the railway station at 08.30, and then go together to Vaduz. There will be possibility to park your car close to Vaduz.

> For those who plan to use public transportation, you need to buy tickets only to Sargans, as all Liechtestien busses are for free on Aug, 15.
Update 10.08.2010
Here is a link to a detailed program ( for all German speaking/reading Glocals)

In a nutshell for English speakers:
9.30 a.m. Morning service on Prince's meadows
ca.11.30 a.m. Aperitif at the Castle
2.00 p.m. Start of the festival
9.15 p.m. Lightning of The Fire (Hoehenfeuer)
10.00 p.m Fireworks!!!!!

You can join any part of the program!
Check trains at www.sbb.ch - destination Vaduz Post

Unfortunately I cannot meet you in Zurich as I live in Sargans. But you will receive a warm welcome in Sargans.
Your travel arrangements will look like this:

Variant 1. All Program
7.37 - Train Zurich HB-Sargans
8.32 - Arrive at Sargans - I will be waiting for you at the railway station
8.37 - Bus 12 Sargans -Vaduz Post
9.06 - Arrive at Vaduz
9.07 - Walk up the castle

Variant 2 for Aperitif
9.37 - Train Zurich HB-Sargans
10.36 - Bus 12 (Yellow Liechtenstein bus) Sargans - Vaduz Post
11.06 - Arrive at Vaduz Post, then walk up to the Castle

Variant 3 Folklore Fest
12.37 - Train Zurich HB-Sargans
13.37 - Bus 12 Sargans-Vaduz Post
14.06 - You are in the middle of the festival!!!

Please check your trains back (taxi will be too expensive)!

"Liechtenstein celebrates its National Day on August 15th. A colorful program for the people of Liechtenstein will follow the official state ceremony. The traditional fireworks display from Vaduz Castle will conclude the official celebration."

This is a great opportunity to visit Liechtenstein and the Castle and... to talk to the roal family. You do not need to be a Liechtensteiner! Just a happy and open person!
There is no official information about the celebrations yet. Usually in the morning there is an apero and a morning service in the castle. Then you can enjoy festive activities in the center of Vaduz.

How to get there:
Zurich HB train an 37 min past an hour, every hour
Get out in Sargans and get on Liechtenstein bus 12 (yellow). Destination is Vaduz Post.
GA and HalbTax are valid in FL.

More information:

Questions??? Feel free to write me,

Sincerely yours,
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Liechtenstein National Day Photo
Liechtenstein National Day Photo
Liechtenstein National Day Photo
Liechtenstein National Day Photo
Liechtenstein National Day Photo

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