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Overnight Dog Sitting
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Categories:  Pets  >  Pet Sitting
Keywords:  Dog Sitting, Geneva

Geneva 1206

phone: +41779969160
email: ryan.mitra@graduateinstitute.ch
I'm Ryan, I am a master's student at The Graduate Institute Geneva, pursuing International Affairs. Apart from my passion for international politics, the only thing that I relentlessly love are animals. My mother calls me the dog whisperer because I have gotten along with EVERY single dog I have ever met; aggressive or not. Having grown up in India, I actively interacted with domesticated dogs and street dogs alike and am well aware of their different natures, moods, and patterns of behavior.
My family has had dogs for 4 generations, and I have had a dogs since I was born. I trained my first dog at the age of 7, which was a German Spitz, and I recently adopted a rescue beagle.
I am extremely empathetic and observant. I understand dog behavior and tend to them accordingly. At the same time, I am very good at creating boundaries so the dog has enough space to enjoy its autonomy without damaging his/her environment. I am very meticulous with their body cycles-food and walks. And I enjoy nothing more than playing with dogs and ensuring they are physically active.
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Ryan M
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Ryan M
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