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Virtual poetry writers informal meeting
Virtual poetry writers informal meeting Picture
Saturday, September 5th, 2020 @ 14:00
Skype, Geneva
We'll use Skype to connect. Please send me an email with your Skype login.

Please prepare your poetry or poetry that you like.

You can use a camera but you are not obliged.

////////[standard annoucement for all meetings, please ignore any part that can't be used for digital :) ]///////////

IF LESS THAN 4 PEOPLE SUBSCRIBED, EVENT WILL BE RESCHEDULED (you can put in comments your date proposals)

[if you want to have my phone number/WA number, please write me]

This is a meeting for all writers of poetry (not professional poets!) to share some of your work with others,
but event is also open for those who just want to listen - in that case please BRING YOUR FAVORITE BOOK OR POETRY to read a fragment for others.

The main objective is to have a chat with people that have the same passion like you, get some motivation to write and optionally get a feedback from others about your creations in a rather informal atmosphere.

Agenda as usual:
1. Ice breaking
2. Poetry reading (yours or others)

Bring your own poetry in English or French and read it in front of others or print out for others to read - reading time is 3 minutes max and then 3 minutes for discussion to give everybody a chance to speak.

Please bring a piece of paper and a pen.
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