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Geneva Career Forum: next session Monday, 18-Nov-2019
Geneva Career Forum: next session Monday, 18-Nov-2019 Picture
Monday, November 18th, 2019 @ 10:30
Balexert, Geneva
Geneva Career Forum
Our next regular forum meeting is tomorrow, on Monday, 18-Nov-2019.
This would be the 34th Geneva Career Forum session this year.

Traditionally we start with the latest news from the team members.

We then continue with quick CV and cover letter peer reviews.
Don't forget to bring printed materials - to hand out for review.

For volunteers we practice self-introduction and "the elevator pitch".
You have 2-3 minutes to present yourself, and/or your favorite project.

Team members will kindly provide you with feedback and ask questions.
We can also film your presentation on video, so you see yourself in action.

Finally, you can practice answering some common interview questions.
And feel free to suggest your own topic for a follow up discussion.

So come and join this session to:
* talk about your individual approach to creative job search,
* share opinion about the past and future networking events,
* discuss your feedback about employers and recruiters.

As usual, on 18-Nov-2019 we will be meeting at 10:15 at Migros/Balexert.

We will be sitting at tables in raised part of Migros cafeteria, behind the escalator
from the tram station (on your left - if you stand in front of the elevator doors).
For the new joining members from Glocals:
- send me a private message here - if you need more info.

Best regards,
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