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Geneva Café News/Psycho
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Thursday, January 21st, 2021 @ 18:30
ZOOM LINK - coming soon !, Geneva
Les Ateliers de Nathalie's next event :

Let’s restart our discussion with a light subject! You’ll have to excuse me if I didn’t want to talk of the coronavirus !!!!!!

THEME : Your ideal man? Your ideal woman?

One of our favorite activities in life is to complain about our partner or dream of the ideal one. He should be strong and funny! She should be feminine and beautiful! One thing is for sure…stereotypes still have a long life ahead of them! But, putting these aside, let’s try to do a real analysis of what you actually want as a partner. What is you ideal?
We will also check if he/she is allowed to be a person in his/her own right or can they only be what you want them to be? 

Les Ateliers de Nathalie’s Café Philos are set up to encounter other people's thoughts while sharing and questioning international/local news or philo/psycho subjects in a convivial atmosphere. All topics can be put on the table, as long as people stay courteous and respectful with each other’s ideas in order to get the most stimulating and enriching exchange. A new topic will be proposed each time.
Everyone is welcome, no prerequisite needed except BEING ON TIME !

The admin will introduce the debate (10mn max + eventual sources).

This Café Philo can only work well with people of good will and who appreciate the intelligence of sharing the diversity of ideas spread in the world.


You can find all futur events organized by Les Ateliers de Nathalie by joining the group on the Facebook page "Ateliers de Nathalie". A wide list of activities will be coming up soon like restaurant experiences, board games, various group discussions, speed dating, testimonials, etc. Don't hesitate to join ! Fun moments guaranteed !!!!
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