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Collaboration in 2 Social Projects in Geneva
Collaboration in 2 Social Projects in Geneva Picture
Sunday, January 24th, 2021 @ 14:00
Zoom, Geneva
PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL if you are interested in collaborating and you will receive the Zoom details for our next discussion.

We're a group of FUN people looking for others interested in volunteering in any (or both) of the projects below.

Please note that in our meetings everyone is active as long as they feel like talking and all ideas are welcome. Our meetings are not conferences where one speaks and the rest listen. We are creating these exciting projects together! ;)

1) Distribution of information to immigrant people and people who live in the street on where to sleep, eat, look for legal help, receive assistance with their CV, learn French or English free of charge, etc. These services are offered for free in Geneva (and more - to be researched) but many immigrants don’t know about them. I’d like to serve as a bridge to inform the immigrant people of the services that some Genevan NGOs offer.

2) As you may know, prostitution is regulated in Switzerland. Prostitutes pay taxes, have the right to unemployment benefits, etc. and there are associations that fight for their rights as a collective group. With all respect, I’d like to identify those who would prefer to do something else in their professional life but still don’t know how to come out of the world where they are and again serve as a bridge to listen, assess them and motivate them for them to reach their dreams.
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Manuela R
Posted Jan 10, 21
Manuela R
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