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Geneva Freedom Challenges -17th Edition! (We are back!)
Geneva Freedom Challenges -17th Edition! (We are back!) Picture
Sunday, August 8th, 2021 @ 14:00
We meet in front of the restaurant "La Perle du Lac" then go sit on the grass :), Geneva

As a reminder :

--> Our goal is to have even more fun in Geneva, to challenge each other through social freedom challenges, to talk about freedom, to take more risks in life, to stop fearing what people think of us, take life a bit less seriously and feel completely freeee, like anything is possible, and grow together as group of awesome individuals!

---- We tend to attract very kind and respectful human beings that are amazing listeners, very empathetic, patient, dynamic, open-minded, and know how to keep a beautiful atmosphere and we would love to keep the energy of this group as it is, full of positivity, humor, love and FUN!
<3. -----

Soooo let’s rewind a bit (for those of you who don’t know about the meetup!).

I started to organize those meetups three years ago when - after living in London - I came back to Geneva with my head full of dreams and of course : lots of fears.

I wanted to :

- create my own successful business

- become a full time digital nomad

- write, speak, share, create!

- impact the world

So I thought « Wouldn’t it be fun to create a meetup where we talk about FREEDOM, and challenge each other to overcome our fears? »

And that’s how the meetup was born!

During those meetups we :

- Did awkward/awesome exercises to connect with strangers

- Shared deep vulnerable stuff (you’ll see it’s the best! :p )

- Created a Genevan Wish tree!

- Asked strangers to help us with our dreams

- Organized a talent show

- Danced

- Swam in the lake

- Ate

- Drank and party until late (if the vibe was good!)

Not to mention:

- Lots of friendships (and some romance ;)) were born from those

- And all the laughs we had!

(At this point people usually tell me those meetups look like a cult - I swear it’s not haha! - or it's the best cult EVER :p
Just lots of fun and real connection :) )

I’m happy to say that during those two years I did create my online business (you can check it out here : https://www.lauranathalie.com ) and became a digital nomad,
and I couldn't have done it without the support of those crazy humans I met along the way!


If you’d like to connect with other amazing humans and you are an empathetic - spontaneous - fun - respectful - crazy dreamer yourself, feel free to join!

I usually write a program with the activities (you know how I’m gonna make sure we all get out of our confort zones this time), but for now I’ll just leave it there and decide later.

We meet at 2pm in front of the restaurant « La Perle du Lac », wait 10min then find a spot on the grass not far from there.

Please bring:

- Your swimsuit (if you want to swim!)
- Food and drinks
- An open-mind and your positive energy!

I look forward to meeting you all!

Lots of love,

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