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ESCALADE festivities week-end
ESCALADE festivities week-end Picture
Saturday, December 10th, 2022 @ 18:30
Fontaine de Bel-Air, Geneva
Hello! I'm QUITE the Geneva veteran and have a PASSION for the Escalade. It's suited to ALL generations, so do feel free to dress-up whether you're 7 or 77! There are so many different activities, deep and enjoyable immersion into the local history (with special visits to little-known parts of the Old Town), surprising showcases (re-creations of the way the people lived in that period, weaving, and all sorts of other contemporary trades), musket shots, drum and fifer parade, epoch MEALS (they require advance booking), outdoor sold/served cook-outs (soup, sausages, fries and of course mulled wine), colorful period costume re-creations, an open-air ball where you can go with or without dressing-up and have your own pic-nic (byo or not) on the spot (multi-generational, profession and walks of life, free seating and dancing)... The eternal teen in me LOVES the atmosphere and I will be more than happy to put together a like-minded "crew" of enthusiasts and make a memory-filled week-end of it. Party on the Saturday, parade on the Sunday. On Saturday night, the "marmite" is ON ME and I will happily tell you all about that folkloric and quirky tradition of how and why to shatter it... So WHO'S UP FOR IT?
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Sophie Tarantola
Posted Nov 24, 22
Sophie Tarantola
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