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Delf B2 study group
Delf B2 study group Picture
Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 @ 08:30
Place des Augustins 19, 1205 Genève, Geneva
The aim of this group is to bring together people who intend to take DELF B2 exam in November 2018 to prepare and share.

Step 1: do a test to find out your current level and your target level for which you are planning to get a DELF / DALF diplomma:https://evalang.ch/index.php?id=40

Step 2: choose the date and place of your exam (https://delfdalf.ch/fileadmin/user_upload/Unterlagen/Kalendar/1712_Calendrier-sessions-2018_Suisse.pdf) and register (https://delfdalf.ch/index.php?id=67) for the exam. You can register online and pay with credit card. You will get confirmation email as well as paper letter a few weeks before exam confirming exact hour and place. You have two exams in two consequent Saturday (one oral and once written).

Step 3: do a mock DELF / DALF exam to get an idea how the exam is done: https://delfdalf.ch/index.php?id=254&L=1

Step 4: buy DELF / DALF preparatory book / material of your choice / taste. There are countless of them out there. I found series "Reussir le Delf ..." good. You can go to Payot Rive Gauche (Rue de la Confédération 7, 1204 Geneva) to find them and check out other books.

You can find other useful references here: https://delfdalf.ch/index.php?id=260&L=1 and some online tools here: https://delfdalf.ch/index.php?id=257&L=1

A excellent source for improving your writing is resources of Bibliothèques Municipal of Geneva (http://institutions.ville-geneve.ch/fr/bm/?fb_locale=fr_FR) and its Orthodidacte platform. Just register in one of its center (they are many), and ask for joining Orthodidacte. They will send you all the details by email.

The result of your exam will be sent to you on paper a few weeks after the date of exam. And within 6 months of your exam, you will get a nice official diploma from the ministry of education of France!
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