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The English-French exchange at Café-Rest. "Le Nyamuk"
The English-French exchange at Café-Rest.
Saturday, February 17th, 2018 @ 16:30
52, rue des Bains, Geneva, Geneva
Hi guys,

N.B.: New Venue for the exchange:"Café-Restaurant le Nyamuk", 52, rue des Bains, 1205 Genève

The idea of the French/English Language Exchange is for French and English speakers to help each other in learning and practicing the language of the other, that is French and English.

Please, to pursue our meetings on a regular basis, we need volunteers to welcome participants en Saturday. First, Be sure to be part of our group :
Then, if you are used to come to our group, just sign on Saturday you can welcome members, 2 volunteers by Saturday is a good idea :-)

Please as a courtesy, thank you for ordering a drink during the exchange. Not having a drink and staying the whole afternoon in a bar has a bad effect on our possibility to stay at this place all the year long. Thank you for your understanding :-)

Our meetings last up to 19H00, but some people start to leave around 18H30, and others stay even longer, have a snack, share a meal, start a debate (we are fond of philosophical, anthropological and psychological issues.)

NEW : most often, we organize a debate at 18H15, every one is welcome to attend, or to pursue the exchange in their own group.

Our activity is free but CHF 1.- is charged for members who do not RSVP and who are not member of our group :

So thank you for joining our group because we pass some information related to our activity and it is good that you know them. Thank you also for enrolling when you come, it helps us to better welcome you and to organize our small groups.

> Get your badge : STRUCTURED or INFORMAL GROUP / level of language and join the TRANSITIONAL TABLES.

> There is one or two of them. The TRANSITION tables are of a bigger size. You meet each other, and start to speak English and French.
> Then, according to your level and style of learning, just start to create your own group of 3 or 4 people that matches about your level/style, and move to a smaller table.
> Yes, it works better if you are of about the same level in language, and share about the same style of learning : i.e. beginners of French/English go together, and so for levels B and C. Then structured style with structured style.

> 3 or 4 people, maximum, when you choose a STRUCTURED group.
> INFORMAL groups, just keep it informal, 3 to 6/7 people is okay.
> When you choose to join/initiate a STRUCTURED group, ask for being a facilitator for your group. You'll be given some information so that to help each one to achieve her/his goal, in a cooperative and democratic spirit.

In all cases, keep mobile, adaptative, and reinitiate a new group if it goes too INFORMAL for you, if you are too many.

INFORMAL GROUP: it means you are willing to practice your language target as it comes with the bunch of people you are with. It is cool, friendly, socializing.

STRUCTURED GROUP: You are willing to pay attention and to correct each other. You may like to share a specific time focusing on some skills (like pronunciation, reading...). You can also bring your own material (an exercise, an article, a book, a question, …). You are willing to suggest something, or to help others reaching their goal. Of course, you just switch to an informal and open conversation when you feel like it.

- If you are in an INFORMAL group, do not hesitate to initiate a new STRUCTURED group if you come to be too many.
Remember : 3 or 4 participants in a STRUCTURED group, no more.

Thank you for sending me a message or to write down below in « Talk/comments » if you want to be part of a STRUCTURED CONVERSATION group. I will try to help you in finding for you participants that share the same style or goal than you do. As for me, if possible, I always choose to share in a kind of STRUCTURED group, and I strongly invite you try a STRUCTURED group once. :-)

> If possible, let’s have at least one English and one French mother tongue in each group.
Allophone people (other languages mother tongue), you just choose a group with one French and one English in it. Remember to share time speaking both languages FRENCH and ENGLISH


1) Switch English to French every hour (or make another agreement)
2) Be fair in sharing your time of speaking and listening.
3) Tell your partner what you need, ask him/her to help you, and reversely, ask him/her how you can help him/her
4) Alternate a demanding practice with some cool/fun conversation.
5) Last but not least, I insist : find the best way to correct each other, do not worsen your bad habits while you practice, do not get used to bad habits of language. Just do everything that is possible to move forward... For instance, write down mistakes you notice while your partner is talking, and tell them to him/her afterwards. Ask for being corrected.

Do try to come on time and if ever you come late, here are some suggestions :
- Wait a bit for a later comer to arrive, and start a new group.
- Or follow the label INFORMAL and and labels A, B or C on the tables that matches the level of your language target.
- If you are a French or English mother tongue, try to initiate a new group, even a pair with another French or English guy...
- Join friends you already know, and ask them if you can join in, specially in Informal group.
- You can join a STRUCTURED group when they are only 2 people in their group.
- Usually, leave groups of 3/4 people in STRUCTURED STYLE on their own so they can practice as they have planned to do so :-)


For English, you can check it here :

For French :

We are Rolling Stones, we move on :-)
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