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Effective Altruism: Social meet-up
Effective Altruism: Social meet-up Picture
Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 @ 19:00
Le Scandale, Rue de Lausanne 24, 1201 Genève, Geneva
Attention, we changed the location - now close to the train station! We will have a sign up so you see where we are.

Our regular monthly social meetup, open to all. Just come by whenever and have a chat with other aspiring effective altruists!

If there are many new people, we will give a short intro to EA pitch at 7:30.

We're usually there until 10pm. You will find us on the ground floor in the back (table 6&7).

Effective Altruism is a toolkit for impact, collectively developed by a growing community of dedicated individuals. Our focus lies on identifying the big and neglected problems of our time. If a problem is solvable, we promote effective solutions to it. If an issue seems unsolvable, we seek to understand why. Sometimes, it is impossible to advance, and sometimes, it only takes more people who conduct research to develop better solutions.

The problem with systematically doing good is that our minds did not evolve to primarily improve the world. EA ranges from actionable career advice, to tools for clearer thinking, to reflections on the long-term future of our civilisation.
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