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5-7 days fasting & walking
5-7 days fasting & walking Picture
Friday, June 19th, 2020 @ 01:00
Lausanne, Lausanne
Hi everyone,

if you want to lose between 2,5 and 4 kg of bodyweight, strengthen your muscles, do a bodyreset and learn how to keep your bodyweight then this is for you.

I'm proposing a water fasting program beetween 5-7 days where you don't eat, you drink as much good water you need and receive a bit of nice vegetable stock in the evening. It might sound crazy but it's actually not so difficult as most of us have enough fat deposits and with the power and fun of a group of people, this week will go by as any other week.

I have done quite a few of water fasting programs, alone or in a groupe. At least 5 or 6 so far and can share my experiences. There are hours where you can feel very tired and strange enough you can also have much more power during some of these days then you had ever before.

Fact is, the kilos will be gone much easier then with any other food diet. It's hard to lose weight while you are still eating, isn't it?

The importance hereby is, that you respect during a few days after having done the fasting week, a very low calories diet.... just a few days. You will see, after having fasted for one week, you will not be able to eat much at the beginning. Some bodies are yearning: "please go on with this, I feel so much better!". Althouhgh for those who are used to consume huge amounts of food it can be a little chalenge these 2 to 3 days. But by respecting it you will be gifted, becaue your body sets down automatically the amount of calories he wants to eat a day and you might even lose more weight.

Movement is a very important part of the fasting program. You don't need to run or be sweating by doing any sort of sport, but to move. The German fasting Clinics propose 4 hours movement through the fasting program. Why? Because the proteins in the muscles will be "eaten" during the fasting process which results in muscle loss. But the muscles remain simply by moving while fasting. Therefore, I suggest to meet up for walking a few hours in nature every day.

Of course this sort of fasting is also very interesting for people who are following a spiritual path. One can get rid of a lot of ego stuff and feel more connected to the universe. As the senses are less active it's much easier to look inside you and to connect.

I even have not mentionned the toxins you will lose. This might be the reason why some people feel so much better after it.

The fasting program needs to get prepared. I suggest you a program that I learned in one of my fasting experiences in France. Therefore please read the following book (it's very small) because we will less or more stick to the program that is in there except for the juice supplement which is really not necessary:

in English:

in French:

If you have your own fasting program and want to walk with us every day, you are also welcome!

People who have never done such a fasting program, I suggest you to get the book as soon as possible and we also can meet up beforehand in May or so for questions you might have. If you need your questions answered immediately, I suggest you to send me a message by e-mail. We can also make up a phone appointement.

I also suggest to watch the following film which is at the moment available:


It shows you how fasting works and the benefits you get from it. Unfortunately it's only in French and German.

AnyBODY and EveryONE is welcome to this groupe, whatever weight, gender, outlook, or whatever you are or have.

Please do only sign up to this activity when you are sure you WANT and CAN participate. Thanks!

People who do not reply to my messages will not be considered.

I am looking foward to this wonderful time which is always worth an exprience.

Hope to see sign up people soon!

Take care,



Who should not fast:
People whose MD is against it
People who have not enough weight
People who are suffering from a burn out
People who want to participate while they are working and have jobs with lots of responsabilities or are dangerous like train conductors, carpentesr who work on the roof of a buildung, a.s.o.

First preparations:

1. Read the book
2. If you have lots of food stock, get rid of it from now on because you might want to eat differently after the fasting week and it's really not good to have loads of food at home you don't want to eat anymore after the reset. My body asks more and more for vegetables and fruit, less sugar, no alcohol, less fatty stuff. Over the years of fasting it becomes clearer and clearer what it really needs and wants.
3. Order everything you need which is suggested in the book (some things are not needed, ask if you need help).

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Tina F
Posted Apr 20, 20
Tina F

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