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Social group: 4-5 people
Social group: 4-5 people Picture
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, Lausanne
SOUL to SOUL connection within a group (location: Geneva)

I am inviting you to join a social circle of max. 4-5 people. (We already have one group of fantastic people and I am looking for the next one!)

It is a gathering and meet-up on a regular basis, where each of us in the group can be who we really are through connecting to each other.

This social group is an opportunity:

• to learn to trust in a respectful environment (regardless of race, gender, age…etc)
• to experience the power of group energies
• to open horizons through different insights (spiritual for example)
• dissolve boundaries between each other
• to be heard and to be listened to
• and so many more…

If you are looking for a friendly, relaxed and open environment and if you feel the need to belong, this is definitely your thing. It is not a sect. It is not a therapy. But it can be therapeutic.

There is no special goal in the group – other than for you to feel that you get something valuable.;)

I’d briefly describe this group as having a stable, reliable, trusting environment in our rapidly changing world.

If you resonate with the idea, please send PM directly and you are more than welcome to join us;)

Warm regards,
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Bea V
Posted Jan 11, 22
Bea V

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