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Paths to change your life! (No pressure there, then;)
Paths to change your life!  (No pressure there, then;) Picture
Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 @ 19:30
Online! On zoooooom..., Zurich
How do we align ourselves to feel ready to change? Not just willing, but ready: willpower is rarely sufficient. In this call, we will get to grips with what is involved in making the changes you need in your life. The why's, the how's, the fears and the motivations. This is all about getting comfortable with what's uncomfortable, so if that sounds like you, then welcome;)

We all have a need to remain consistent with what we were yesterday, so it can be incredibly hard to make change in our lives - even when we know its necessary. By the end of this session, honestly I expect you to come out feeling fulfilled and empowered, with a better understanding of what makes sense for you.

Why am I doing this? Because I’m in my third year of completely and utterly changing my own life, my attitudes, perspectives, fears, expectations and beliefs. Along the way I’ve tried this and that, I’ve read and read and read, I’ve taken countless courses. One day I threw all my toys in the air and watched what happened, and I learned so much in the process. I’m still learning and always will be: this is work in progress. But what I am talking about in this series of events that I’m putting up are my experiences of what worked for me and what I’ve seen working for others time after time. They are all ways to become the real you, to embrace yourself as a complete entity warts and all, to honour yourself wholeheartedly and to find joy in that experience. Some of it may resonate with you, some may not, and that’s okay. All I can say is that they have all worked for me personally, so you will feel my enthusiasm.

The event is free. If you think its fabulous and want to make a donation afterwards then you are welcome to do so, but I'm doing it on a goodwill basis.

If you want to join, can you please register on meetup? I need to keep a hold on the zoom invitation to registered members and keep numbers to a manageable level! So you will find the zoom connection details there.

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Posted Feb 15, 21

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