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Cinema de Montagne
Cinema de Montagne Picture
Saturday, November 2nd, 2019
Salle Pointe Favre Chêne Bourg, Geneva
Cinema de Montagne
Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 @ 17h00 and 20h15
Salle Pointe Favre Chêne Bourg, Geneva

First session at 17h00 Parasol Peak and The Patahn Project. Second sessions 20h15 Hors Piste (mountain rescue) Ascent of Everest Sir Edmund Hilary's account; Sophie Lavaud summitting K2; The Lorax Project base jumping in Tasmania); Zabardast,, climb and ski in Pakistan. Three of the films should be English and the others in French or Urdu with French subtitles
Details on www.cinema-montagne-chêne-bourg.ch

First session 17h00; second session 20h15, bar, entry fee 10 francs for one session 17 francs for 2; Tickets at the door

Where Salle Pointe Favre (tram 12 to Place Favre)
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