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Hike to Aouille de Criou
Hike to Aouille de Criou Picture
Sunday, October 17th, 2021 @ 07:30
Haute-Savoie, Geneva
On Sunday, October 17, if the weather is nice, with François, we planned to organize a sportive hike to Aouille de Criou (Aiguille de Criou) 2227 m, via Le Mont.

This summit is the final West point on the Triangle de Criou. It overlooks the Samoëns, Giffre Valley... and offers a breathtaking panorama.

"The triangle of Criou is a sort of natural symmetry of Fiz which is cut by the Giffre Valley. This part begins from Dent De Verreu in the Southeast and ends with Aouille de Criou in the West. The angle continues until the Pointe De Bellegarde ».

Elevation gain about 1480 m. Distance about 16 km. No major technical difficulty, but the last slope, about 350 m, is very steep. This is a hike demanding physical effort.

Maximum 12 experimented and very sporty hiker.

Photos from our latest hike to this summit: https://goo.gl/photos/NUthc3Gb8HCdoS787

Appointment: 7:30 at Veyrier Douane, Final stop of bus n° 8.
We meet at Veyrier Douane, final stop of bus n° 8. Inscription is obligatory.
Equipment: Good mountain shoes, drink, warm and waterproof clothes, stick, drink, picnic…. All must be prepared the day before.
The hike is organised by the small hiking association Oxygene 74 http://assoc.pagespro-orange.fr/rando-74.
There is a participation fee of 5 Euro for a license of the French hiking federation FFRP, including insurance. Gas-sharing charges for those not driving of 0.10 euro-centimes per kilometer.
Formalities: The newcomers are asked to fill out the registration form
and deliver it to the organizer on Sunday morning.
If you are interested, you can contact me by my direct e-mails amazraf@bluewin.ch
You can also call me (Only emergency) at 079 644 85 52
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