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About glocals.com


glocals.com is a community of friendly expats & international minded locals, and we're about doing Real Activities with Real People.

We're in Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne, Basel, & Bern, in English


 1. Why join glocals?

  • Do real activities with real people, via joining & orgainsing Member Activities. 
  • Find people with similar interests & backgrounds (on Members)
  • Get / share advice about Switzerland life (on Forums)
  • See guides & reviews about local venues & services (on Guides)
  • Find / advertise apartments, goods, services & jobs  (on Classifieds)
  • Use exclusive offers on services & products (on Offers)
  • Burn time instead of working

2. Who is glocals.com for?

Expats & expat-friendly professionals living in Switzerland, age 23+, who are open to meeting new folks & enjoying Switzerland.


3. Who is glocals.com NOT for?

Folks whose main interest is getting a date.


4. How is glocals.com different than Facebook?

glocals.com is great for: Facebook is great for:
Meeting new people Keeping touch with people you already know
Joining real-life activities Spending virtual time on the PC
Only for expat & expat-friendly professionals For everyone

Is worth nothin' on the stock market                      

Is worth $15,000,000,000 on the stock market


5. Who runs glocals.com?

glocals.com members Oded ('siteadmin Oded') and Nir ('Nir Ofek'). We also run Sindy.ch - Geneva's biggest parties.


6. How does glocals.com pay the bills?

glocals.com is privately owned Swiss registered company (SARL), financed via selling advertising. Advertise with us


7. Why the name 'glocals.com'?

We first launched with the name GenevaOnline.ch. When we expanded beyond Geneva we changed to 'glocals' (pronounced "glow-kals") cos it's a mix of the words global & local, which defines the mindset of our members.


8. Contact/Feedback

c/o Nir Ofek (glocals co-founder)
25 Chemins des Fins,

1218 Geneva


Thanks and see you inside,


The glocals.com Gang


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