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Banking Guide


Choosing a Bank


Main Banks in CH

These are the main groups of Retail banks in CH (this Guide doesn't cover Private banks):  


  • The big 2: UBS & Credit Suisse (81% of glocals' members use them):
    • Summary: Use it if service in English is important for you, and you want world class banking.
    • The big 2 are active worldwide, in English (in most cases), & offer almost every banking

      service under 1 roof. The down side is that on some banking services, the Big 2 may be

      slightly more expensive than other banks.


  • Cantonal Banks, Post Bank, Migros Bank (17% of glocals' members use them):
    • Summary: Use it if English service is not critical for you, and you need basic banking.
    • These banks offer basic affordable service. The down side is that there's a lower chance that  you'll get English service and more advanced products / advice while using them.

Which Banks do glocals Members Use?

Source: online line survey conducted among 962 glocals members on August 07. These results represent the glocals members who volunteered to take the survey, and may not be representative of all glocals members.











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