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Phone & Internet Guide


Fixed Lines


Fixed and Mobile or Mobile only?


Some folks have both a Mobile and a Fixed line, others have only a mobile. We can't give you a clear recommendation on which way to go, but here are the key things to consider:

Why get a Mobile only, without a Fixed line?

  • Fixed phones are expensive. The set-up fee is more than CHF40, and monthly fees are minimum CHF25, just to get a line. Then you still have to pay for each call you make.  You can get the equivalent of a fixed line through cable providers without paying the monthly fee. However, you will need to pay the fee for cable TV in order to benefit from it. 
  • You can get Internet access through cable or wireless


Why get a Fixed line (on top of a Mobile)?

  • Most of the DSL Internet offers work only if you have a Fixed line.


Getting a Fixed line


Carrier pre-selection or call-by-call


Prices and charges


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