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Geneva French English Language Exchange Group
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Founded: November 27, 2011
Location: Geneva
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It is a give and take interaction where we help each other with practicing and learning our respective language, that is English and French languages.

When we meet on Saturday, we split into small groups of 3/4 people ...   + More
It is a give and take interaction where we help each other with practicing and learning our respective language, that is English and French languages.

When we meet on Saturday, we split into small groups of 3/4 people according to the best match of the moment, that is people of about the same level A, B or C, and sharing about the same style of learning, INFORMAL or STRUCTURED go together.

Our 10 commandments :

1) It is good to learn with pleasure,
2) It is good to have a book or material to support your learning,
3) It is very important to correct each other,
4) it is good to differentiate informal conversations and practices with focus and objectives,
5) it is good to share with persons who understand your objectives and to adapt each other to our respective levels,
6) It is very good to say what you prefer to your partners within a given moment,
7) it is good to watch your time of speech and to share a fair exchange,
8) It is good to speak correctly your own language and also to have fun with slang (but only slangs or informal language is not good),
9) it is good to speak out loud and clearly enough,
10) it is good to be creative and to invent new ways of learning.

Only fools never change their mind. (Seuls les imbéciles ne changent pas d’avis). Here is our new organisation (February 2016).


CHF 1.- will be charged to people who do not RSVP and who are not member of our group. Otherwise it is free of charge because we favor a cooperative spirit in our group.

So thank you for enrolling when you come, it helps us to better welcome you, and to organize our small groups.

INFORMAL GROUP: it means you are willing to practice your language target as it comes with the bunch of people you are with. It is cool, friendly, socializing.

STRUCTURED GROUP: You are willing to pay attention and correct nearly each expression of your conversation. You may want to share a specific time focusing on some skills (like pronunciation, reading...). You can also bring your own material (an exercise, an article, a book, a question, …). You are willing to suggest something, or to help others reaching their goal. Of course, you just switch to an informal and open conversation when you feel like it.

> If possible, let’s have at least one English and one French mother tongue in each group.
Allophone people (other languages mother tongue), you just choose a group with one French and one English in it. Remember to share time speaking both languages FRENCH and ENGLISH


1) Switch English to French every hour (or make another agreement)
2) Be fair in sharing your time of speaking and listening.
3) Tell your partner what you need, ask him/her to help you, and reversely, ask him/her how you can help him/her
4) Alternate a demanding practice with some cool/fun conversation.
5) Last but not least, I insist : find the best way to correct each other, do not worsen your bad habits while you practice, do not get used to bad habits of language. Just do everything that is possible to move forward... For instance, write down mistakes you notice while your partner is talking, and tell them to him/her afterwards. Ask for being corrected.

Do try to come on time and if ever you come late, here are some suggestions :
- Wait a bit for a late comer to arrive, and start a new group.
- Or follow the label INFORMAL and A, B or C on the tables that matches the level of your language target.
- Join friends you already know, and ask them if you can join in,
- If you are a French or English mother tongue, try to initiate a new group, even a pair with another French or English guy...
- You can join a STRUCTURED group when they are only 2 people in their group.
- Usually, leave groups of 3/4 people in STRUCTURED STYLE on their own so they can practice as they have planned to do so :-)


you can check it here :

Perhaps better, for the anglophones, is the site of DELF/DALF:


We are Rolling Stones, we move on :-)   - Less
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