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12A (Douze A)
6 Reviews
Categories:  Beauty & Spas  >  Day Spas
Keywords:  Massage, Sauna, Gym

Rue Jean-Charles Amat 12
Geneva 1202

phone: 022 735 12 12
website: http://www.12a.ch/en/index.htm
email: [email protected]
"A brand new center for Wellbeing and sport in the heart of Geneva"
Member Reviews (6)
lauren s
Oct 29, 2013 by lauren s
Bought the BuyClub Voucher for the Dermalogica Facial and was thoroughly disappointed by the service at 12A Fitness. The woman at reception is extremely cold and unfriendly and as it turns out, is the same woman who does the facial. During the facial, she dropped a lamp on my face, nearly taking out my eye and then barely apologised, almost suggesting it was my fault. She was extremely grumpy and didn't speak a word during the entire facial and did not even bother to ask about my skin type, the products or any pre-facial questions that you would expect with this kind of treatment. She honestly ruined the entire experience for me which was meant to be 'relaxing.' It's a shame because the facilities at 12A fitness really are nice. Too bad the service is abysmal.
Nov 25, 2012 by Spatzl
I bought the 12A Dermalogica BuyClub facial (79CHF instead of 168CHF), not only because I can not resist a good deal on anything beauty related; moreover, coming from Canada, I have always been a huge fan of Dermalogica products. As previously mentioned, 12A is located in not one of Geneva's most favorable areas, and actually 'getting to the gym' and finding parking is a nightmare. I can attest to this due to having made the mistake of driving in on the A1 and hence the fact, I was NINE minutes late. Upon arrival, I was greeted quite coldly, even though I had called the beautician to let her know that I was stuck in traffic (argg at that awful bottleneck traffic on Rue de Lausanne at 9:30am) and would be 5-10 minutes late. Not a big deal, I thought, as most places usually have a 10-15 minute window to allow for clients like me, or if they themselves are running late. Well, not at 12A, my cold greeting was followed by a, "I do not know what we can do, as I have an 11am appointment." "No problem ... let's see what we have time for", I replied (hoping that she could actually manage to give me a full facial in 50 minutes). What followed was a standard run-of-the-mill facial (no extractions, basically, just 'slapping on' various creams), nothing special, nothing tailored to my skin-type. Actually, my five year old could have exceeded the service I received! The beautician, who chances are was still annoyed that I was late, did not speak a word during the entire facial; quite surprising, as the selling-point to a Dermalogica facial is their 'Skin Mapping', where they discuss with the client any problem zones, etc, etc. During the facial, I mentioned that the room was too cold, and was given a 'sigh' (as in, basically ... "who cares if you are cold"), followed by some well-practised 'eye rolling'. In addition, I should add that this is by no means an actual 'spa' per se; however, a brightly lit, cold room missing any (or all) of the perks of a spa, such as welcoming tea/closing water, a robe and slippers, not even a proper spot to put your belongings or hang your jacket. Albeit, the 12A gym is in itself breathtakingly gorgeous (for that I gave it a 3 star rating) ... and has plenty of potential; sadly, the 'beauty treatment area' is just not yet recognized. Would I go back? No, not even with an additional 50% discount.
Julia  Resig
Sep 11, 2012 by Julia Resig
The place is beautiful but the man at reception was not to welcoming! The treadmills are for 'short people only' as you spend your time watching the ceiling 2cm above your head and so it does not make for a very pleasant experience.

I'm not sure I like the ambiance - I didnt feel comfortable and dont know if I will go back. Forget about parking and good luck in trying to find 12A its in a horrible area of Pacquis and I would never walk there at night! Its a shame I think this place could be something quite amazing but as something else.

I gave it a 3 only because it is quite beautiful and clean.
Sep 10, 2012 by safaribarbar
I had the Buyclub facial-deal, which was pretty much OK, the products from Dermatologica are of course good and the beautician knew what she was doing. I like it that she included the decolleté. However, I had to wait for 10 minutes (she was having lunch) with no apologies; moreover, she did more or less not speak at all (while my french is good enough these days..) she just answered with 2 word sentences, like I was bothering her, while I asked for information. She did not do the extractions which were included in the deal, stating (only when I remarked it) that my skin was too sensitive - which may perhaps be, it could also be that she just did not feel like it. So could have been a 5 star, but is more a 3,5 now.
The spa area is beautiful, indeed small, but no one was there so great! Also went to the gym, and was not impressed. Used the treadmill, but it got too hot/stuffy up there; A/C was not working, as was the TV, perhaps they only do that when there are more people around? Also the machines are all placed rather too closely together, and the other persons in the gym were some grunting guys with tattoos and caps, did not feel too comfortable.
charlene  w
Nov 16, 2011 by charlene w
This is worth every cent and we agree with desireelo the space is smaller then it seems after seeing their advertising, however this is Geneva and can only imagine the rent rates must be over the top so 4 stars to 12A for creating a beautiful little place.

The massge is worth the money even paying full price and not using Buyclub (I missed out on this deal) but no complaints for the price because you walk away feeling like you were looked after.

This would be a great place to rent out with a group of friends for a hens party or girls night out.

This is a must to add to your hot list!
Sep 19, 2011 by desireelc
I went there this weekend on a glocals/BuyClub half-off voucher, and the sports massage I received was by far the best massage I have gotten in Geneva. The masseuse spoke enough English to understand everything I was saying. I explained to her that I run a lot and had just rolled my ankle, so she spent the first 15 minutes or so expertly massaging out the knots in my ankles and up my calves. I give the entire massage 5 stars, it was just fantastic (and not soft like most "sports massages" are here). The facilities are nice and super clean, but the one potential problem is the size. The saunas, jacuzzi, etc were tiny. On the day I went, it was all superb because I only shared the facilities with one other person! I can imagine that, as more people come, it will be very crowded in there. All in all, however, 4 stars. I would definitely go back!
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