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19th Avenue
18 Reviews
Categories:  Beauty & Spas  >  Hair Styling
Keywords:  hair style cut


Member Reviews (18)
Jun 8, 2016 by lacomp
I'd like to let you know my first experience at this hair salon in case you need it.
First I bought a voucher in buyclub for a haircut only at this place as my usual hairdresser moved out of town and I am looking for a new place, so I decided to try the offer.
Then when making the reservation I asked if they could do a colour and they said yes which I had to pay full price as I didn't buy the offer, which was totally ok since it was my last minute decision.
When I arrived there the hair dresser showed me some pictures and I decided what I wanted, I specifically said I didn't want it to light and also wanted kind of "natural" not in like block degrades colours. Before starting he showed me again the photo and we agreed which was it.
He didn't look too confident when doing it, he asked several times the other ladies hairdressers about my hair which made me feel like I was in a hairdresser school.
I really wanted to remain positive but in the end the result wasn't what we agreed, he said that was his technique, but then it didn't look like the pictures we saw together.
The other lady hairdresser came and said they could add more darker highlights if I wanted but I had already spent 2 hours and a half in that place and couldn't stay longer.
Anyhow, I didn't find professional that someone had to reviewed and asked almost everything he had to do with another person, in the end the result wasn't good and even if the other person said he could fix it I couldn't stay one more hour.
I did pay full price and more than I used to pay in my previous hairdresser in Geneva for a result that wasn't the agreed so I have to say that I don't recommend this place. It is the first time I go there and the hairdresser seemed to be learning while working on me, I am sorry there are schools for that on top of that it is not like I am paying less to have this kind of service.
Businesses need to be serious and treating their clients with their best services and professionals in the end they are there because of us: the clients.
Andrea M
May 20, 2016 by Andrea M
I have been going to 19th Avenue for years and I am never disappointed. They are not only a very passionate team, but they really pay attention and suggest the best haircut to fit your style and lifestyle.

I have bangs, which need to be cut every 2 weeks. I just walk in and always have someone attending me within few minutes.

I love the staff and the little attentions (croissants or coffee on the weekend, sometimes bubbles during holiday season)

If you are looking for a new hair strylist or colorist, I strongly suggest 19th Avenue.

Thank you Pascale, Andreas and team
Juliane S
Oct 6, 2014 by Juliane S
I bought the buy club voucher for cut and colour and went to 19th Avenue Eaux-Vives in August. Pascale did a great job with the colour, removing the brassiness and giving me some lowlights that have meant the regrowth is not as obvious as it usually is. Nicolas was a great stylist, he understood that I am trying to grow my hair and cut just enough to give it some shape. I felt welcome and enjoyed a nice coffee while I waited for the colour to do it's magic.

This is the third hairdressing salon I have tried in Geneva, and by far the best. I was so pleased that I bought two more buy club vouchers in the latest offer, and am returning this week.
Andrea K
Oct 3, 2014 by Andrea K
My experience was beyond amazing at the Eaux-Vives branch. I came with a BuyClub voucher for a cut & color and was treated like royalty. Even though the salon was packed I was quickly welcomed after entering, taken to a chair & had my jacket hung for me.

Coloring is usually tricky with my hair because I'm adamant about having the brassiness removed, which is never an easy task. The end result was a very natural looking brown tone without having gone too dark.

As for my cut, I only wanted a slight trim which some hairstylists have a hard time understanding & end up overcutting. Nicolas knew exactly what I wanted & cut it quickly & expertly. All the rest of the hairdressers were leaving since I came at the end of the day & each one said goodbye to me, even ones I hadn't met. I truly felt like more than just a customer, but an acquaintance.
Reem Jan
Sep 18, 2014 by Reem Jan
I went to the Eaux-Vives branch and used my BuyClub Voucher a couple of months ago. It was my first time gettign my hair done since I moved here from New Zealand and I highly recommend it. I had my highlights done by Leila who was really professional and knoweldgable and my cut by Nicolas who spoke perfect English and therefore was able to have a nice chat. All in all it was a good experience and I would go back
Annabel A
Sep 17, 2014 by Annabel A
I went there yesterday for a Cut, Mask & Brushing with a Nicolas in Eaux-Vives salon, I highly recommend him, great cut, great chat, the salon is relaxed, they value their customers and they make you feel comfortable. Great service and nice mask with a cup of coffee.
Will definitely go back !

Francesca G
Jun 12, 2014 by Francesca G
I went for the 2nd time with a BuyClub voucher and all was great! Service, hair massage and hair cut. I had the chance to have Ludovic as hairdresser last time. He is extremely professional and caring. I will go back again!
Dec 8, 2013 by goodmanm
Fantastic hair Botox treatment at Thonex.great service and friendly staff. Hair was like straw, now like silk!
Sarah C
May 23, 2013 by Sarah C
After reading some positive review I looked forward to my cut and color with Sandrine and Ludovic, however, it was not a positive experience. When I arrived someone offered me water/tea/coffee and I asked for some tea - - but it never arrived. I met Sandrine and she asked me about my hair, what color I wanted, etc. She walked away and returned with someone different, giving her instructions. I was never introduced to the new person, but she did the rest of my hair color with some occasional instruction from Sandrine. I felt like I was at the beauty school being treated by a student instead of the expert. After the color process I was escorted to a chair where a woman who started combing and asked if I wear my hair "flat or big". Then she started to blow dry my hair. I stopped her to ask about the cut. She shrugged her shoulders, and said "okay, I can do it". I asked about Ludovic, but she said he was not available. Note: I made the appointment specifically with Sandrine and Ludovic. The woman who did the cut was super nice, but unfortunately the hair cut was not. It's been difficult to syle my hair, and I feel like I need a haircut. The location is good, the environment was nice, but the service was really bad. I'm giving 2 stars instead of 1 because I did like the hair color.
Mar 28, 2013 by Myworld
I will be going to the 19 Avenue at Rue François-Versonnex 19 for the 3rd time!
They did a great job with double-color highlights (Sandrine) on my very long hair and Ludovic has done a perfect cut.
I usually go at off-peak times, when they are not very busy and they have always been very welcoming, with coffee and all the usual stuff, last time I even got a glass of champaign as they celebrated something. Very different from some fancy salons where you feel like a chicken in the factory. I am a rather demanding client though, and always give very precise instructions and watch what people are doing to me to catch out anything I might not like straight away (like a too short cut or wrong shade of highlights etc). It makes it easier for everybody as I don't have to complain afterwards :)

Jennifer P
Jun 21, 2012 by Jennifer P
Working in the airport precint, I was delighted to see that the 19th Avenenue Salon in the SBB concourse was offering a nail bar service so finally I could get pedicures and manicures done in my lunch break rather than wasting time on precious Saturdays. I went in to make an appointment for the following Friday. Not possible, the nail technichian has her day off (if the salon is open that day hire another one to cover?). Ok so I agreed to come the following Monday, their diary was completely clear. So I booked for midday in my lunch break. I arrive punctually at midday to see that the nail technician is doing a manicure on someone else, and they look to be a long way from finished. I announce my arrival, am offered a glass of water (which never turns up) and am told to wait. At about 12.10 the technician comes and asks me would I like to do some shopping and come back in a while. No thanks, I'm on my lunch break and am hoping to get started soon. Ok not too long she says. At 12.20 I get up and explain I cannot wait anymore as its now getting too late for me to be back to work in a reasonable time. What would the client oriented response to this be? Profuse apologies and an offer to come back the next day and receive a hefty discount. What is the swiss response? - to huff and puff and eye roll and say derogatory things about me to her colleague because I have the audacity to leave after 20 mins wait and with my appointment booked a week in advance - ladies my spoken french isnt up to much but my comprehension's not bad! And I had visions of being a weekly customer. Too bad hey.
Michelle A
May 27, 2012 by Michelle A
I purchased the BuyClub voucher for a cut and colour and have mixed reviews.
Firstly - nowadays it is widely accepted that when you go to the hairdressers for hours that you are expecting a complete pampering experience. After 90 minutes I had to ask for a drink - nothing offered before! The traipsing from seat to sink every 20 minutes was a little annoying - as was the bizarre nature programme played on the TV screen in the sink area. Think Crocodile Dundee rather than sassy catwalk shows with pumping music (which is what I'd expect in a fashion-forward hairdressing salon!).

The only saving grace was my hairdresser - Michelle - she was English speaking and really great. She had been observing me as I arrived and could see that tucking my hair behind my ears was what I did naturally - so therefore didn't suggest cutting too short... however she completely changed my look - cut my hair into a shorter style and I have literally been complimented by everyone - my clients, friends and family.

Now I know not to expect a pampering service (or even a coffee!) but I know that the colour was great, and the hairdresser superb.

I would definitely go back again - but was hugely disappointed by the lack of overall attention - hence the 3 stars.
Alicia  Hamilton
May 26, 2012 by Alicia Hamilton
Not the best hairdresser Ive been to and the service is quite snobbish (big sigh on the service levels in Geneva)!! The cut and style was great though and if your not looking for the whole pampering experience and just want to read your book, have your hair styled and leave then this is a great option as the result is spot on.
daisy freeman
Nov 25, 2011 by daisy freeman
The place is old, shabby and needs a complete makeover or coat of paint and clean up! The male stylists are rude and I think some woman actually enjoyed being made fun of by these horrible hairdressers. Here 'please let me give you 200 chf to make me feel ridiculous' and 'please give me a bad haircut and blowdry that I could have done better myself' . Overall it was a huge mistake to go here. Not recommended.

Nov 21, 2011 by Sandalette
I went there (Eaux Vives) last week with a buyclub voucher. the staff was nice and caring. My haidresser listened to what I wanted and had good ideas to realize it. Plus he had impressive cutting techniques.
I ended up satisfied with what he did.

I agree on their seats that are very uncomfortable, and on the studio, that is supposedly design but a bit shabby and need a refresh.
Nadège G
Sep 1, 2011 by Nadège G
If you have curly hair like me: run don't go there!
I went there with a voucher from buy club last spring in April at Carouge and to add a color I ended up paying the same price than the voucher!
I asked not to cut on the lenght because I have curly hair...and in the end she cutted do much that I looked like a poodle! I was sooo desappointed and she tried to justify herself by saying well they were dammaged and they needed to be cut and it's not that much...blablabla. So dump and the salon just looks old! I will definitely not recommend this salon and never ever got there again, especially if you have curly hair.
alena o
Aug 17, 2011 by alena o
I went there (Eaux Vives studio) two weeks ago with buyclub voucher. Got very professional haircut with Ludowik (?). As he doesn't speak any english there was a slight misunderstanding about what I wanted, so I ended up with something little different (was dissapointed) however technically very well done cut.
The studio looks indeed a bit shabby and the seats are very uncomfortable.
No extraordinary experience, won't be coming back for full price.
Vedra H
Aug 15, 2011 by Vedra H
I went there for just a hair cut and style and I was not impressed. Firstly the salon looks shabby which I didn't really care that much but after I payed around 160chf with just average result I didn't feel fabulous how you should feel when you spend that much money.

The guy (don't know his name but he's a bit bald) was too bothered to do his job and I needed to repeat how I actually want my hair to look like.

I am just tired of getting an average service with a high price with people who are too bothered to do their job right.

I mean, when you go to a hairdresser you want to leave a salon prettier then you entered in.

Perhaps I just got the wrong stylist but I wouldn't recommend it. I don't think it's worth the risk and money only if you don't know what to spend money on. I don't mind spending more money on a great quality product or a service but in this story that's not the case.

Posted By:
Vedra H
Business Owner:
Andreas Gleichwelt
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