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Le 23eme Lieu
78 Reviews
Categories:  Beauty & Spas  >  Hair Styling
Keywords:  Styling, cut, hair

Rue 31 Decembre 48
Geneva 1207

phone: 022 735 1410
This elegant hair dressing salon has been the source of a completely new look for me. The salon is friendly, professional and for Geneva, reasonable in price. I have received great compliments on every haircut I have had from them, and now I just go in and say to Romahn "I trust you. Do what you want". As someone with incredibly fine and slow growing hair (it would take 2-4 years to recover from a bad hairstyle), for me to have that level of trust with a hairdresser is really saying something.

Other things I appreciate are actual comfortable seats for hair washing (a rare and beautiful thing) and their big beautiful massage chair.
Member Reviews (78)
Patricia G
Mar 25, 2019 by Patricia G
Everything from the quality hair products, welcoming & warming staff to the actual haircut + highlights was an amazing experience!
Paco, the owner is super funny and friendly. :D
Maria Clara Lorenzo
Jul 12, 2018 by Maria Clara Lorenzo
Today i had a great experience in le 23eme !! Paco and all his team treated me so well, I will definitely be back. Something important: they speak Spanish if necessary. Congratulations!
Iciar Beltran
Mar 3, 2017 by Iciar Beltran
I have been a client for over 4 years, and have always been very satisfied with the result, both for colour and cuts. All the hairdressers at the 23eme Lieu have always treated me with kindness and in a very professional way, respecting my wishes and giving me very good advise. Yesterday I had my hair cut by Vincent for the first time and I found it amazing! Not only the result, but also the way he manipulates the scissors... it was a bit like seeing a barman with the shakers! BRAVO Paco for adding Vincent to your team!
Jade Roberts
Feb 16, 2017 by Jade Roberts
I visited today using a BuyClub voucher and received a beautiful cut and blowdry - I love the result! The team is very kind and welcoming. Highly recommend.

...Since my first review I have been to Le 23eme Lieu five times and I still highly recommend it. My hairdresser is Aouat and she is the first hairdresser who understands what I mean when I say I'm growing my hair and I just want the ends trimmed! Thanks to her, I have the longest and healthiest hair I've ever had. I always leave with a beautiful colour and very professional blowdry. Paco is lovely, warm and very welcoming. I highly recommend Le 23eme Lieu and Aouat in particular.
Jessica T
Jan 24, 2017 by Jessica T
First cut / colour in Geneva and couldn't be happier. My stylist was Vincent who created one of the best hairdos I've ever had (inspired by a photo that I took for inspiration) and at a really fair price point. I can speak only very basic French and more than ample translation was provided by the Le 23eme team. Just book in :)
Fiona Nicholson
Dec 13, 2016 by Fiona Nicholson
My first haircut in Geneva and I was delighted with the result. The ends of my hair were so dead after months of not using strong enough moisturising product to cope with the drying qualities of the limestone in the Swiss water supply and I was given both some wonderful hair care advice and I left the salon with healthy, fresh hair.
Was very happy with my experience, and even better yet I accidentally left my headphones which the salon was kind enough to discover and pop aside so I could go back and collect them! Thanks so much!!
Julie C
Dec 7, 2016 by Julie C
Just got my haircut and highlighted here. Fella (hairdresser) did a fantastic job! I don't speak French very well (as in the very basic), but with Paco's help for translation and added suggestions for my hair, the final product was perfect! I'd highly recommend going here, especially if you are not from Switzerland or, in my case even Europe. Great service, super chic atmosphere and an all around amazing experience.
Carla Uriarte
Dec 7, 2016 by Carla Uriarte
I had a lovely experience. I felt cared for and had the choice of opting for natural products for the shampoo and treatment. I trusted them to choose the color and haircut and I am really pleased I did.. I have received many compliments on my look.. not a big change (I didnt want one) but a significant improvement :)
Dec 1, 2016 by CeciliaS
I always enjoy going to the 23em lieu. It is a very friendly place and The hairdressers always get my style and I'm always satisfied.
Hanane Boesch
Oct 3, 2016 by Hanane Boesch
Fella did an absolutely incredible job on my balayage highlights!
I always have a hard time describing the natural and bright highlights I want, but Fella, totally, understood what I wanted. She got it perfectly right and made me happy!
I will definitely be going back, again, to 23ème Lieu!
Sep 22, 2016 by Sebastien
I know a lot of hairsalon in Geneva and I have to admit, this is really the best one, the welcoming from the owner is amazing (smiling, tea, coffee, juice, biscuits with a genuine behavior).

The team itself i svery skilled and experienced and I am damn picky when it comes to my hair :-)

Thanks again for this great place in the center of Eaux-Vives.

Will definitely come back to this place.
catherine verdonnet
Sep 22, 2016 by catherine verdonnet
Again so enchanted with my new color. so subtile!
A must-go in geneva. The place is super trendy but it's clearly not the reason why I've chosen this salon. The team is super professional, creative but never pushing you into something you don't feel like. The owner is outgoing, people alway smiling there. An ultra talented team!
Evgenia  K
Sep 20, 2016 by Evgenia K
Very disappointed and very surprised by suspiciously high rating here!!! I wanted to try a new place and went there.

-First of all a place is empty. Not many people come for a such service.
-More important, Fella can do very limited things, but not what you ask for.
-Moreover, they decide which length is better for you, it does not matter, what you want.
-Atmosphere is very unpleasant (lonely, nobody listens to you)
-they offer additional servers colour, if gloss.
-and shirty tea cost 5 fancs?!!!!

I’ve brought a photo with a haircut, which I want, the result was veeeeeeeeeery different. She even did not manage to do the wavy styling at the end(((.

—for me, NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Aug 2, 2016 by Irishka
After having quite bad experience with hair salons in Geneva for years and even giving up on the idea of ever finding a good one, Ive decided to give this one a try after reading so many positive comments. Of course there are couple of negative points, and the ones that caught my eye were the ones about a hairdresser called Fella. So when I came for my haircut my hairdresser happened to be that same girl. And I even asked to have her changed as I was freaking out a bit that I might have a bad experience again. But everybody else was busy, so I crossed my fingers and went with her. And I do not regret it even a bit! The job was perfectly done! Got a great haircut and hair treatment. Everything was done fast and of a high standard. I am very thankful to Fella for her job and to everybody else in the salon for their welcome and amazing atmosphere! And Paco is just amazing and fabulous!! :))) I will definitely return to 23eme lieu very soon! Thank you, guys!!!! <3
Laetitia B
Apr 12, 2016 by Laetitia B
For one of the first times, I feel like I want to go back to the same salon for my next cut! The place is beautiful and very stylish, the staff warm and welcoming. Sometimes in Geneva it's hard to even get a smile and a glass of water from your hairdresser, and there at The 23eme Lieu, you get smiles, compliments, tea, discussion... The team makes you feel at ease and like you belong to the "family".
Great advice on the haircut which was perfectly executed. Can't wait for my hair to grow again so I can go back =)
lana l
Apr 9, 2016 by lana l
It's been two years - and I am still a client. Love the staff, love the products, the atmosphere and the host. Paco makes it a really personal experience, and I am a big fan of his head massage :-)

Highly recommend to everyone, men, women, any age.
Kathlyn D
Apr 7, 2016 by Kathlyn D
It took me 3 years searching for the best hair salon in Geneva and I’m really happy to finally have found Le 23eme Lieu! This hair salon definitely provides the best value for money with unparalleled quality of hairdressing services. I went to this salon for probably 4 or 5 times now and I’ve always been impressed on how professional and capable their staff is (I’ve tried almost everyone now – Fella, Yannis, Awet, Maxim) and the level of energy Paco brings to his team and customers. I’ve always been picky to choose hairdressers in Geneva because of the language barrier (I don’t speak French perfectly so it scares me to not be able to explain the kind of haircut/treatment I want) but Paco has always been there to understand my needs fully. They provide valuable suggestions on how to style and take care of your hair and they recommend treatments/products based on what you really need and not on commercial/sales motives. On top of this, the salon ambiance also gives a unique vibe, good music, plus tea/snack services – which makes your end-to-end salon experience really awesome! I learned about Le 23eme Lieu through BuyClub but I would definitely go back even without a voucher and recommend this to my friends.
Tom Jacques
Mar 25, 2016 by Tom Jacques
I came to the salon a couple of weeks ago me hd a great experience! Stuff are all very friendly and work wonders on your hair. They take their time and do not rush their work.
Thanks lot
Kate K
Mar 21, 2016 by Kate K
I went here to have a cut and low lights. My stylist (not sure of her name, a woman) was excellent. She followed my instructions exactly about the cut; but changed my mind entirely about the colouring - and was completely right. Her advice was excellent and I am absolutely delighted with my highlights and colour.
The place is very stylish but also cosy and comfortable and friendly.
Highly recommend!
Ashley T
Mar 16, 2016 by Ashley T
Paco and his team are simply FABULOUS! After going to Le 23eme Lieu for over two years now, I feel like I am going to spend time with friends! The bonus? I leave looking and feeling amazing each and every time!

After trying a number of salons in Geneva, I strongly feel that Le 23eme Lieu is the most fair, the friendliest, and most professional salon I have visited!

Plus, it's hard to feel down after spending a couple of hours in a room with Paco! This Canadian is a big fan!! x
Destiny G
Mar 11, 2016 by Destiny G
Definitely hard to find a good colourist in geneva! I love my experience at Le 23eme Lieu. relaxing music, ambiance, great stylist and an all round great experience. Definitely will go back and recommend to anyone
Mar 8, 2016 by imeli
one of my favourite hairdressers in Geneva!
Devika C
Mar 8, 2016 by Devika C
I had a great experience at Le 23eme Lieu. The staff is very friendly and the salon has an eclectic decor with a fun vibe. Fella is an amazing hairdresser, very imaginative and precise with her hair consultations and styles. I definitely recommend this salon!
Mar 7, 2016 by ladiluxx
Favorite hair salon in Europe!
Paco has created an awesome space where you feel relaxed, welcome and in very skilled hands. His team, including the talented Fella, are easy-going, professional and excellent at hairstyling and color. Love getting my hair done at Le 23eme Lieu and always get lots of compliments.

An added bonus is that the team is multi-lingual with good English. Definitely add 23eme Lieu to your address book.
ps. try the hair 'botox' experience...your locks will love you
scotto stéphanie
Mar 6, 2016 by scotto stéphanie
I went over there with my byclub voucher last week. It was a great experience.... The service is amazing, warm atmosphere, the staff is very professional. Best place in Geneva, for sure. I would definitely recommend this hairdresser. Love it!!!!!
Gaby L
Mar 4, 2016 by Gaby L
Very Very BAD experience!
I bought a Voucher via BuyBuyclub, and went to the hairdresser.
The guy who cut my hair had 3 people at the same time (colouring, washing and cutting all in between my super simple cut)...
I was inside for over an hour... but the time spent cutting my hair was around 10 minutes....
He cut a really bad fringe, with still longer hair in between and it wasn't straight.. (I even had to cut several pieces of hair myself at home...)

I wouldn't advice this hairdresser to anyone.
Nalini S
Feb 16, 2016 by Nalini S
I bought 2 buy club vouchers for 23eme Lieu - and used them for my daughter and myself. We had a great experience, a warm welcome and service, and great haircuts. I also walked out with some excellent, well priced products. I will definitely be visiting 23eme Lieu in the near future.
Tiffany Grabski
Feb 9, 2016 by Tiffany Grabski
I had a great experience when I went in for a cut. I needed a change, and albeit they were a bit straight with me, they made sure I left looking and feeling great :)
This is the type of salon you go to when you want to put your trust in your stylist's hands, and you want them to make you look good (lets be honest we don't always know what suites us...).
There is also great tea, and the staff are always laughing and having fun. It was a nice escape from life for the couple hours I was there (and their English is great!)
Efrat Ofek
Jan 17, 2016 by Efrat Ofek
I tried 23eme Liu for the first time 2 weeks ago.
The welcome was very warm, the service was very professional and I love my new haircut!
I will be going back for sure and can recommend them to anyone looking for a great hair salon.
Andrea K
Oct 26, 2015 by Andrea K
I'm very happy to have discovered this hair salon. The owner is super friendly and welcoming and the hairdressers really listen to what you want. I absolutely love the highlights I got. Beautiful place, great service and amazing work
Catherine Leduc
Oct 26, 2015 by Catherine Leduc
****WARNING**** ****WARNING****

I had a VERY VERY BAD EXPERIENCE with this salon.

I came prepared with pictures and clear instructions as to what I wanted and I speak fluent French so no translation issue possible. Despite my clear request, the hairdresser – Fella – had a different agenda. She disregarded my requests and preferences and just did what she wanted. I ended with a hairstyle completely different from what I asked and also much shorter. I find it very disrespectful that someone would give themselves the right to decide what to do with my hair when I ask otherwise. It is a complete lack of respect for customers.

I also believe this is not just a misunderstanding as Fella also asked me on which side I wear my fringe which I did clearly show to her. When the other lady was doing my brushing she asked the same and Fella stepped in saying “no, no this side does not suit her well, don’t do it like she asks, I cut it on the other side anyway”. REALLY? I mean do I not get the final decision when it comes to my hair and how I want to wear it and have it cut????

Like this was not enough, here are other bad moments of my same trip to Le 23e lieu:

-Out of despair I tried the straightening iron, only to realize the haircut was a complete mess, e.g. not straight or same style on both sides of the face and completely uneven all around. I sent the pictures to the owner who had a very condescending response: “Être choqué pour une coupe qui n est pas exactement égale des 2 côtés ...? Il ne faut pas être choqué pour si peu Madame...” Basically it translates as “To be shocked for a haircut that is not exactly equal on both sides…? You shouldn’t get shocked for so little lady…” It is not only “not equal” it’s a complete botched amateur job!

-They messed up my haircolour. It came out red for the root 3-4cm and the rest was intact natural brown hair color. They had to redo it and besides not charging me for the gloss, I didn’t get much of an apology.-While they were cutting my hair, the two hairdressers were bitching about a customer who had just called – and they knew I understood as I spoke French with them.

-Overall, their response when I called them back was really inadequate, not focused at all on customer service and even arrogant and unapologetic.

Overall, if you were my worst enemy I would strongly advise you go and get a haircut there. Otherwise, just don't step foot there!
Maggie H
Oct 1, 2015 by Maggie H
This salon is amazing! Paco is so welcoming and professional. I had the best cut and color and was so happy with my new short hair. I will be going back soon.
larry wagner
Sep 29, 2015 by larry wagner
Staff is constantly changing over. They currently speak very little English. Found them to be cold, careless, and not really interested in customer service.

Been there three times; two too many.
Manuela T
Sep 28, 2015 by Manuela T
Warm and welcoming, friendly staff, great decoration and concept and awesome service!
I went there in August with a Buyclub voucher and was a little bit worried because I had to bring my 2,5 year old son with me as I had nobody to look afterhim.
I asked Paco if that would be a problem and he said not at all.
We were immeadiately welcome and my son fell in love with Paco who was very nice and took time to show him around and play with him a little bit while I was talking to Caio for my haircut.
I am very happy with my haircut and highlights that look really nice as they did a special technique to blend in the colour.
My son also got his first haircut and Paco was really attentionate, he took a photo and send it to me afterwards to keep a memory.
The place is very stilish and comfortable and I really loved the bar and shop mix, we sat down outside for a juice after the haircuts looking down at the "jet d'Eau".
Definitely recommend them!
Katherine  Rybicki
Aug 13, 2015 by Katherine Rybicki
I wet for my 4th visit to the salon yesterday.....twice with a voucher and twice without.....each time I had my hair done by Fella and am extremely pleased with the results! She recommends the proper treatments, color and style in a professional manner, not simply pushing you to buy a product. Will definitely continue to return, without vouchers, as it's very hard to find a hair stylist in Geneva who know what they are doing without being snobby about it!
Paco is also very friendly and welcoming...he knows how to make his customers feel welcome and the drinks bar is good, too! The salon itself is lovely, comfortable and warm. Definitely worth the 5 stars....
Aug 5, 2015 by BCROVER
5 August 2015
I had another appointment today with Fella. the colour, the cut, the service, the ambience all wonderful. I have been there about 4 times now and each time i am impressed with Paco's salon. It is so comfortable and professional. Thank you Paco & Fella, you guys are the best by far.

Had my appointment with this salon last night using a buyclub voucher. Paco was so welcoming and introduced you to his staff and salon. He took time to seat you and ask you what you would like to drink or would you like a magazine. He was super attentive and then the consultation started. He introduced me to Fella the colourist and stylist and she was really wonderful. She took time along with Paco to explain the process and how the colour would affect my hair and I really felt that they were listening to me and my concerns.

The head massage from Axel was lovely and I really wanted to stay there.. Fella did a wonderful cut and colour and when I left the salon 2.5hrs later (well past their closing time) they were full of chat and smiles and really wanted to know if I was happy.

I was and I will go back I am sure with or without the voucher.

Thank you Paco, Axel and Fella, wonderful experience, totally customer focussed and friendly. Wonderful 5 stars!!
Astrid  W
Jul 28, 2015 by Astrid W
I can very much recommend this place. It took me a long time to find a hair dresser in Geneva and I only had positive experiences there. Most of the staff speaks English, they understand exactly what you want and it’s a very nice and relaxing atmosphere. I never left the place anything else then happy and content.
thierry arnaud
Jun 28, 2015 by thierry arnaud
I' am the happiest person today! Finally i found an amazing and profesional hair salon!!!!

Fashion interior, really comfortable chairs, friendly team.
A really pleasant experience and I will definitely be going back.

Thank you so much le 23eme lieu! see you soon!
Alexandra D
Jun 26, 2015 by Alexandra D
23ème lieu is not a hair salon, it's an experience. I've had my four last haircuts over there and was never disappointed. Great atmosphere, great vibes, beautiful decor, and the staff really take their time to make you feel welcome and pampered. Last time I was there I got a head massage that lasted more than 20 minutes - such bliss! Such a contrast with Jean Louis David, where I used to go, they make you feel like you're in a factory. I usually get my hair cut by Fela, she's very talented and meticulous. I'm very happy with the result every time. The owner is energetic, funny, and the you can tell the team gets along nicely. I have become a faithful Customer and I can only recommend the 23ème lieu 100%.

Amy P
Jun 23, 2015 by Amy P
Not the worst haircut I've ever had but terrible customer service with regard to the haircut. They whipped me in and out so fast my tea was still too hot to drink by the time I left. So much for 'pampering'. Took about 10 seconds for consultation and as soon as I said I didn't want colour they lost interest. Ignored everything I said about length and how to dry. Cut my hair far shorter than I wanted, so short she started shaving my neck! Which I did not want at all! A voucher shouldn't mean you are treated like you don't deserve a proper haircut. Not going back.
Anna M
Jun 23, 2015 by Anna M
The place is nice and I had no problem with my BuyClub voucher so that's a plus. They also suggested I add some highlights which on the whole turned out alright but not amazing.

What makes me score them negatively is that I am not at all happy with the actual haircut. I explained how I like to wear my hair, how it behaves and that I change the side to which I comb my hair on a regular basis so I need a haircut that is equal on both sides.

I had the impression the hairdresser understood at the time but I have ended up with my hair longer on one side than the other. Also at one point she picked up that razor or whatever it is that they use to thin out hair and make "layers". I stopped her and explained that whenever that particular tool is used on my hair it becomes too thin and impossible to style. She assured me it was going to be fine and carried on.

Unfortunately I was right and she was wrong and I am left with a really bad haircut.

This is not the first time this happens to me since I moved to Geneva so it could all be down to a lack of experience with thin, glossy, scandinavian hair.
But the lack of respect for my wishes forces me to score low.
Lan N
Jun 20, 2015 by Lan N
Great place, from the moment you step in you are comfortable, greeted with water, candies or you can even order wine! which is a WONDERFUL option... And of course... the staff sets the tone the moment you walk in. Sweet, funny and cool and very friendly.

I waited a week before posting on my haircut since it usually looks great fresh-out-the-salon and then, it dies.I got my bangs cut and added layers to my very very long hair. The hair stylist cut my layers with my head upside down, and gave me perfect bangs, finishing off the cut with a razor. What i mean is... i got a great hair cut and enjoyed the technique used! I am extremely difficult with my hair, and i am relieved my hairdresser listened - which is extremely rare.

I generally dislike head massages, but the one i got here was exquisite! Did not even cringe 1 second!

I hope other members will have a similar experience :)
Maria S
Jun 18, 2015 by Maria S
I had my hair cut and color done at this beautiful hair salon last weekend. After having tried to get a Balayage color several times I had almost given up but then I found Maxime who did such an excellent job. I am so so happy with my hair:).
And the owner Paco is so nice and welcoming!

If you want to see the end result visit 23eme Lieu's Facebook as there are some photos there.

If you are looking for a great hair salon this is definitively it.

Colleen  D
Jun 7, 2015 by Colleen D
Finding a hairdresser when you move to a new city is always daunting - a hit and miss approach.The guys at 23eme Lieu are a hit - they do a fantastic job and are very professional. The salon space is great and manages to be trendy, relaxing, inviting and at the same time. Will definitely go back as I love my new haircut and color.
Benedicte D
May 23, 2015 by Benedicte D
I just left Le 23eme Lieu and i really must say that i'm more than happy with both the highlights and gloss. I love the hair cut too! They use Redken for both color and gloss , which gives you a very natural and precised tone!
The people here are really nice and welcoming.
I particularly appreciated the time taken by Maxime for the diagnosis.
Ready to go dancing tonight. i am quite sure my friends will really like it.
I would definitely recommend this place much different from really unpersonal and other commercial areas in Geneva:
Just try!
May 22, 2015 by victoria
I had my worst colour EVER here. I didn't feel like they listened at all, I desperately dislike orange blonde but that's what I got. Had to wait ages for the guy to even arrive. They said I had to have a gloss treatment, 4 times I questioned the necessity but they kept insisting I HAD to have it... it stunk and stung my eyes and made my hair feel awful. And 50chf for a 5 min dry off at the end is outrageous even for Geneva. All up it cost me 280 with no cut. Super disappointed! It has cool decor though, that's the only plus.
Tina Marcos
Apr 15, 2015 by Tina Marcos
Love the place, love the team, love my color, my cut, my brushing and from far the best salon in Geneva for sure!
Trendy place, in the center of Geneva where u feel so pampered! Friendly, trendy, nice....nothing else to say except u won't regret! Thanks
Vlada D
Apr 15, 2015 by Vlada D
... it is fancy and cool inside but you go there to make your hair done not for drinking tea.. i had to wait 1 hour just to start ((1 hour!!!!!!!!!!). Asked to adjust a bit not more then 1 cm as a result i have the shortest hair I ever had in my life. It seems that new guys just dont listen to you as they are extremely tired.
Ekaterina P
Apr 14, 2015 by Ekaterina P
Just avoid. If I could give no stars I would.
They sold me services I don't need and did the opposite of what I asked. I asked for my hair to be long and red. Its now short and blond.
Especially avoid Maxime. He doesn't even try to listen...

Used to be great when Charles-Henri was there. Does anyone know where he went?
isabel b
Mar 27, 2015 by isabel b
I went to this hair salon last week with a BuyClub voucher- and I loved it! I was super happy with my haircut and highlights, the salon itself was modern and clean. The staff was super friendly also. The highlights for me were definitely the customer service (attention to the client with offers of drinks, magazines...), the super comfy seats for hair washing (you're basically laying down) and I also really enjoyed the music. All in all great experience, will go back for sure! Definitely recommend. Oh and they also offer 20% discounts for students.
Giselle R
Mar 17, 2015 by Giselle R
From the moment you walk through the door, you feel as though you have entered a warm and welcoming home. Paco, the owner of the salon, welcomes you with such enthusiasm and warmth that it almost feels as though you are not in a hair salon but entering as a long lost friend. Not on ly did he call everyone by their first names but he chatted to all his staff and customers and made me feel very relaxed and welcome. Even though I had bought a BuyClub voucher, and to be honest most places have not been very pleasant, Paco made me feel like a princess for a day. He swept through his “home” introducing me to his staff and customers and sat me down in a comfy leather chair with coffee, biscuits, sweets and water. My hair stylist was Maxime and between both of them they decided the future for what kind of colour and cut my hair should have. I couldn’t agree more, the colour is amazing as well as the cut and I left feeling that I, my opinion of their salon and my continued support to the salon truly mattered. I will be back in 4 months’ time for my colour “check-up”.
Irene T
Jan 14, 2015 by Irene T
Excellent, very very recommended hair salon. Highly professional staff, innovative style, friendly atmosphere. will go again. Keep up the amazing work
Julienne Walker
Jan 13, 2015 by Julienne Walker
I went with my BuyClub voucher and I would easily go again and pay full price! Lovely salon, clean, modern, but relaxing. The staff was welcoming and punctual. My stylist was Maxime and he did a fabulous job! My hair hadn't been cut in forever and was super long and unruly. He tamed it and gave me a cut that's easy to maintain and frames my face well. Definitely recommend this place!!
isabelle b
Nov 21, 2014 by isabelle b
I recently discovered through Glocals this fabulous hair dressing salon. The decor is beautiful, the welcome is warm and the staff is very professional! I love my new hair color ! Everything was really perfect! I definitly recommend the 23eme Lieu!!
Susan H
Oct 28, 2014 by Susan H
I started going to 23eme lieu last year and I loved Cherif. I trusted him with haircuts and highlights. I've learned that Cherif no longer works there :-(. Does anyone know if he works somewhere else now? He was the reason I went to 23eme lieu.
Thank you!
Oct 16, 2014 by giselina
i hate to rain on everyone's parade but i really wasnt impressed by 23eme lieu when i went there with a buyclub voucher a year ago. the cut was average and the colouring technique a bit dated with highlights veering towards yellow. not a complete disaster, but certainly nothing to write home about. will never go back. 2 stars for trying.
Oct 16, 2014 by safaribarbar
I went with the Buyclub coupon - and came out looking great. The style, colouring, very good advice and well executed.

Not 5 stars (yet) but this has to do with the Buyclub deal. it should have inlcuded 20 minutes in a massage chair and cranial massage which did not take place, Sebastien hair mask - perhaps? and Fresh juice of your choice - well it was chosen for me.
Anyway I sure they had good reasons.
Another fine tuning point might be that if a client does not talk much, she does not want attention. But minor detail since cut/colour was great!

Update oct 2014. I returned about 3 times and Laurence (Lolo) did a great job, but she left about 1,5- 2 years ago. When I asked about her, utter silence- does anyone know? I then saw Cherif twice, who was also ok, but preferred Lolo. Now I read Cherif also left, what is going on with this place?
criss p
Oct 14, 2014 by criss p
I tried calling the 23eme lieu for an appointment and apparently Cherif doesn't work there anymore :( Does anyone know if he works somewhere else in Geneva, and if so where I could find him? Thank you!
camelia n
Aug 1, 2014 by camelia n
Cherif did my hair - he is a real Professional. He talked to me to find out what I was looking for to do with my hair. And, then he did a fantastic job.
Personnel is very friendly. They treat the Customer like the King or Queen.
Fish Gregory
Jul 17, 2014 by Fish Gregory
Would echo the really positive reviews of Charles-Henri - he's absolutely great at making my short hair look cool and funky. Originally discovered him through a buyclub voucher, but now I don't go anywhere else. The salon is also very nice overall and they always offer drinks while you're getting the hair cut. Highly recommend.
Gisèle S
May 11, 2014 by Gisèle S
Laurence is a good stylist and colorist, the haircut is carefully done.I was extremely satisfied.I would highly recommend this place.
Apr 28, 2014 by Federica
I have been there last Saturday , using my BuyClub voucher.
Cherif is extremely professional and definitely knows what he is doing. I actually went there one evening after work but he was very clear and straight forward and said that for what I wanted to do, to get a proper job I should plan to spend about 4 hours in there. Therefore I booked for a Saturday afternoon. I got gommage, colour, hair mask, cut and brushing. I am very satisfied with the results. I will go back and I would recommend this place. I am glad I discovered it thanks to BuyClub!
Svetlana I
Apr 16, 2014 by Svetlana I
I have been there for a color and cut with Cherif. In general, I am satisfied with the experience. Cherif definitely knows his job, and the place is very nice.
Feb 24, 2014 by duda
I went to the 23ème Lieu for a Hair-Do + Make Up.
Not only I came out looking SUPERB, but Greetings, Service & Atmosphere all get 5*!
I will definitely go back and can only highly recommend this place! Thumbs up to the whole team!
Kim D
Feb 24, 2014 by Kim D
Great salon, great vibe. I had been to Roman before, but since he left, got an appointment with Sharif. He cut my hair perfectly. They speak English, and French of course, easy to find, relatively easy to park. I recommend it!
Majid Yazdani
Feb 23, 2014 by Majid Yazdani
I am satisfied with the result, they have friendly and warm atmosphere. They speak English as well.
Helene S
Feb 22, 2014 by Helene S
Thanks for a wonderful moment! Perfect highlights, haircut and hairdo just amazing... will for sure come back and have a tasty juice before! To be highly recommended! Thanks a lot guys!
Petra K
Feb 10, 2014 by Petra K
A great trendy place to go to! Super-friendly and English-speaking staff, taking on board what you wish to do with your hair. I left the salon really happy with my haircut - which does not happen that often at other places. To be recommended!
Oct 3, 2013 by Kala00
I have found it really hard to find a hairdresser here in Geneva that isn't hit and miss but I've been to this salon a few times and each time i've walked out with hair i'm really, really happy with. Staff are great and super friendly!
Karen F
Aug 10, 2013 by Karen F
Indeed, it's a wonderful place.
Staffs are just gorgeous and friendly...and most of all..they always treat clients like Princesses;-)
Camilo L
Jun 29, 2013 by Camilo L
So after reading all the reviews here on Glocals, I decided to give the place a try. All I can say is that I am really happy with my decision. It was probably one of the friendliest environments I've ever encountered at a place like this! I am extremely happy with my haircut and would recommend this place to anybody but even more to those who haven't fully grasped French yet as they are also fluent multilinguals!
Jun 20, 2013 by Maltish
Went there twice based on glocals reviews. Both times had a very professional and carefully done haircuts. Going back tomorrow :-)
Lucy Strickland
Jun 17, 2013 by Lucy Strickland
Rohman, Charles Henri and Laurence are a talented trio of cutters, stylists and colourists who treat clients like people.. remember your name when you go back and produce incredible results every time. Rohman is big on Moroccan Oil.. just ask him.. and under the steady hand of owner Paco, who runs a bio-organic juice bar, incredible industrial design furniture and salon in one, 23eme Lieu is a transformative experience. And all this on Geneva's only street with the most unique view of the Jet d'Eau. Love this place. My hair is happy here..
Kira Youdina
Jun 17, 2013 by Kira Youdina
I saw all the great reviews, so I decided to try 23eme Lieu. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my hair but I knew that I desperately needed a change. Laurence (Lolo) gave good advice and I decided to go with her suggestion for highlights. My hair turned out great! Exactly the "change" that I was looking for. I will definitely be going back to this salon. The prices are typical of Geneva.
Miriam S
Jun 15, 2013 by Miriam S
Got exactly the hair cut I was looking for, within reasonable price for Geneva-standards and the service was great as well! A really pleasant experience and I will definitely be going back here as long as I live in Geneva.
May 18, 2013 by vombat
I am the happiest person in Geneva today - finally i found THE hair salon!!!!

Fun interior, the most comfortable chairs ever, super friendly atmosphere and the most importantly - welcoming and skillful staff. I walked out more beautiful and with a wider smile ))) Charles Henri is amazing - i am super happy with the color and cut he has done.

One more huge plus - they speak English (and Spanish, and some more).

I am very happy, thank you Glocals for recommendation!!!
May 11, 2012 by Mil_Lena
I went with the Buyclub voucher, to give it a try and was absolutely satisfied with the service and atmosphere. I asked for highlights and I am happy with the results. I agreed with Kiriel-friendly and professional with acceptable prices. Thank you!
jasper loendorf
Mar 20, 2011 by jasper loendorf
I went here last week; it was empty! I don't know why because it is really good; they speak english because my french is not so good yet. I normally don't like having my hair cut but this place was welcoming and I enjoyed myself.
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