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6 Reviews
Categories:  Professional Services  >  Lawyers

Rue du Lac 12

phone: 022 716 18 00
website: http://www.asloca.ch
Member Reviews (6)
sebastien k
Feb 13, 2015 by sebastien k
I agree with you. ASLOCA IS NOT A FREE SERVICE. People please get it out of your mind. The annual fee is 90ch as of Now.
Plus whenever your so called representative or attorney will handle your case you will be billed on the for his time..
So It is similar to having a normal attorney.
Overrall they are very good..but it is not FREE..

James D
Feb 12, 2015 by James D
We heard about Asloca through a friend who mentioned it was a free legal service. When I met with them, they seemed knowledgeable about the rent reduction procedures and took our case. Some time later I received a bill for 700 chf. It didn't say what it was for, but I paid it figuring it'd be worth it. Case goes on and about two months after filing, we have our hearing and the rent is reduced (about 16%). Another bill arrives for 700 chf. I'll pay it. However, in the few short discussions I had with Asloca, they never mentioned their fees or how they are calculated. I admit, my French is not great, but I also could not find any reference to the fees on their website.

Speaking as a lawyer, there were probably two and a half hours of work total on this case (including phone calls, emails and travel time). They are commanding a high rate for the type and quality of work and the general lack of communication. But, this is Geneva eh? Everything should be at least twice as expensive.

We got the result we wanted. But, I was not happy with the overall communication or professionalism of the staff. Several times scheduled calls or emails were missed or many hours late. The attorney said he did not know about aspects of our apartment in the hearing, though I specifically discussed them with him. He did not explain the timing or procedures to actually get the reduced rent implemented.

Yes, at the end of the day we will save a lot of money. But, for the cost, I wonder if hiring an individual attorney here might have been a more satisfactory experience. So, do I recommend Asloca, only if you don't have any other reasonable options.
Dec 14, 2014 by TheOmegaMan
In a city where renting an apartment is a nightmare due to the abusive, greedy, inhumane and ruthless landlords and Régies, ASLOCA is a lifesaver. ASLOCA lawyers have helped and assisted me in solving my problems whenever possible, while always being professional and sympathetic. They only cost 70 CHF a year, and if you have an assurance protection juridique (which you should totally have) you won't even have to pay the lawyer fees when going to court. With 70 CHF you'll actually save thousands -- not to mention the satisfaction in avoiding being scammed. Bottom line, if you are a tenant in Geneva and you're not a member of ASLOCA, you're clearly a fool.
Azza G
Nov 16, 2014 by Azza G
I would second the review about the unprofessional and very poor services of ASLOCA. I was subletting an apartment in Eaux Vives and when the owner found out, he wanted me to leave and the main renter to move back. It was the renter who went to them and their preformance was a series of problems, miscommunication and very delayed responses. It all escalted to a point to where the lawyer handling the file " M. Utz" agreed to a new contract and a settelment with the owner without our consent and without looking at the original lease whereby the new agreement would allow the owner to increase the rent by 600 CHF per month. When we finally discovered this and I protested this agreement, we had to go to court which meant more fees and having to show up there myself two weeks after I had my baby by C-section. He did not even bother to discuss with me the dates for the court hearing nor did he show up but rather another colleague as he knew he had messed up "BIG TIME". At the end of the whole ordeal, I was so devistated and wanted to just leave the apartment as soon as possible where they then started pursuing me and not the "renter" who had actually hired them, to pay 600 CHF in fees. When I called the head of the ASLOCA to discuss with him the fees and what I was willing to pay for the very bad representation they have given us, he HUNG UP on me while talking to him on the phone.

Additionally, almost none of them or their staff speaks English (So much for being professionally trained lawyers)

So please be careful before you go and use their services
R Men
Oct 19, 2014 by R Men
ASLOCA is one of my biggest disappointments in Geneva and I cannot understand why it has such a reputation.
First of all the attitude is unacceptable - the "lawyers" work on numbers but not on the result. After visiting them 5 times I decided that they were completely useless, in addition because of their very unprofessional advices I had to pay to my to regie more that I was supposed to initially.
What is more annoying that they do not bear any responsibility for their oral 3 minutes consultations that you get after queuing for hours. What is more unjust that nobody cannot complain to them about the quality of their work. I asked about the complaint procedures at the reception and they gave me the lame excuse of not having a business card of the person in charge and just suggested to call to the general landline.

So my advice - don't be disillusioned by this "free" service they will kill your time until your case becomes serious and will offer to pay you to take up the case in the court.
Apr 22, 2009 by lemiukas
"If you have questions regarding your rental contract, problems with your landlord, need legal advice, etc. - that's the place to go. You have to become a member (85CHF first year) in order to get a free consultation (they have walk-in hours every day, though get there at least 30 min in advance).
The person we spoke to was professional, spoke very good English and gave us clear explanations and what seems to be a good advice."
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