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Allianz Agence Generale Yvon Voland
8 Reviews
Categories:  Professional Services  >  Insurance


Member Reviews (8)
Jan 13, 2011 by dathrilla
My review was previously REMOVED by Oded because, according to him: "...even if they are negative reviews for businesses we work with, but a review has to be an actual review."

So i'll try to give you an "actual" review.

The representatives of the Allianz company you work with are unresponsive. Manifestly, they are incompetent in what they do - they barely know the basic elements of the contract they are offering. In this regard, I'm still waiting for their return phone calls and e-mails for the rudimentary questions I asked.

I hope I have fulfilled your conditions to submit a review on Glocals, Mr. Oded.

Oh, i ended getting a great deal with decent customer service with AXA/Wintertur
camille p
Jan 12, 2011 by camille p
My experience with allianz and Mme Delatour has been very different.

Not only Fanny Delatour and her assistant were very responsive to my queries for personal and car insurance, but she gave me precious advices regarding my "pret hypotecaire"and third pillar.
She has made herself very available and has always responded in a timely manner.

I can only recommend her for her professionalism and for the quality of the service she provides.
Dec 29, 2010 by fannydelat
Dear all,

It will be soon 2 years that our team at Allianz is the Glocals rep for insurance. We have few hundreds of good feedback on our client services. We work exclusively with expats arriving in Switzerland, and we know with experience the exact need of someone installing himself in CH.
As it is said in a comment below, Allianz is acompany with the best reputation on following the claim of someone. It is true that our work is not only selling the insurance contract, but more to make sure that client stay happy whenever they have an issue and they need us.

Thanks to the glocals discount, we are really competitive in almost all the branches. However sometimes it happens that a company decrease its prices in an area, and that we put few month to begin again competitive. Also what is important with our team is that we work on a medium to long term relationship with our client. Our goal is to make sure that all option needed are included in the contract and that the client does not have a surprise once claiming something.
That is why before making any critics on the price, it is really important to compare “apple with apple”. There is such difference in each option you can add or take off in an insurance contract. What is important is to be well insured according to your needs.
By being the glocals rep we have a good reputation to keep running, that is why we really make sure that each contract is adapted to the client demand.
Therefore if it happens that Allianz is slightly more expensive for one insurance, you need to look our service as we offer it and as a package. Also do not hesitate to let us know if the concurrence is less expensive in a specific offer as we can adapt.

On the responsive time issue, I am sorry to hear the below. We are now a team of two (Fanny and Michaela) to answer clients request and questions. We are putting all our energy to answer any question or email in 24 hours. If something has been missed, thanks to let us know we make sure to rectify.

We are really glad to be the Glocals partner for insurance and we will continue our effort to make clients happy. In the meantime we wish you all a wonderful new year eve and we are looking forward 2011 for a new fresh start,.

The Allianz glocals team.
Dec 17, 2010 by Tryky
Dear all,
I don t know Yvon Voland agency ( agence generale is more a less a kind of franchise) but as an insurance broker, I would like to defend Allianz insurance because for me it s a good compagny.
I deal with many other compagnies ( Generali, Axa, Zurich...) and I m agry that Allianz is one of the most expensive compagny but the service is good. For example, in terms of reimbursment, they are much less annoying than Generali who I always have to fight with for my client as they ask lot of proofs, bills, pictures before refunding client...
As I know, when client has a good offer from another compagny, Allianz use to adapt their price.
I m sorry if you all have bad experience with this agency, I m sur Glocals administrator will make their best to correct this.
Merry christmass to all.
Karen F
Dec 16, 2010 by Karen F
I've had a similar experience. While buying a car I called Allianz to get the 20% discount w/glocals. I tried contacting Ms. Delatour but her assistant replied to me instead, she was very tardy in giving me a quote plus she never replied to answer some questions I had, and on top of that she misinformed me about the type of insurance I could get (she said I could not get the casco complete because of my visa, which was not true at all!). In the meantime I got some other quotes from other companies and I was able to get a better price with Generalli than the one Allianz gave me (ONE week after by the way and with supposedly the 20% off).
kasparainens L
Dec 15, 2010 by kasparainens L
Imagine how it is: you just came to Geneva and were looking for the apartment and finally found one. Great!
Now, the regie asks you for insurance. Un you think naively: do not look further; trust Glocals and their partner Allianz. And actually, why not: Allianz is one of the well-known insurance companies, glocal members do get better price and there is agent responding to you in English. And they claim, they're a trusted industry leader.

What a mistake!
Yes, you get speedy response in English, everything is quickly set, but you are not aware of the trap!

And they offer you insurance policy in French for the term of 5 years.

If you are coming from the country, where long-term policies are used, this really should not be something you would worry much about as you know, you can easily cancel the policy once every year with advance notice set in the policy.

Not with Allianz!

As it appears, you cannot terminate the 5 years policy unless you are moving out or die!
What they put in French apparently is the termination clause with 3 months advance notice before the end of the term of the contract! So, you are bound with them for 5 years and cannot terminate after first year, when you are already having better understanding of the situation is Swiss insurance offers and now understand, that what they had offered to you is unfortunately very expensive in relation to what they have actually offered.

Of course, this was never explained to you!

So, Allianz is basically restricting your customer rights of changing the insurance provider and securing their profit for 5 years!

Or maybe it is just Agence Generale Yvon Voland and not Allianz itself?

Anyway, this is extremely strange, and I felt this warning would help other newcomers in search for apartment insurance to look elsewhere and not trust Allianz.

Compare offers, and you will see, that even with special price to glocals community, it is quite weak price/value offer.

I will post my comment on the further news, as I was placing official complaint with Allianz Agence Generale Yvon Voland and they promised to return back to me during next week.

Lets see, what is really service level of Allianz Agence Generale Yvon Voland : is it only fixing their profits or maybe I am wrong and they do care about their customers?
Josh Fassbind
Dec 15, 2010 by Josh Fassbind
Close to same experience as edaraen.

I was changing cars so I called up Mrs. Delatour at Allianz. She was nice but passed me on to her assistant/colleague.

Well there offer was CHF 400.- (incl. the 20% off) over another one I had and not as good either in the coverage!

I don't know if they markup the price for Glocals members and then take 20% off or if they are just an expensive insurance company.

I finally signed with Axa/Winterthur.
Dec 15, 2010 by edaraen
I was looking for an insurance as I got a new apartment. I saw the 20% offer in Allianz for glocals members and I wrote asking for an proposition (although I don't know exactly which "Agence generale" was). They are very slow replying and sending you the offer (finally I needed to call them to obtain it). In the meantime I asked for more offers to other Insurance companies.

Finally, I received Allianz offer... Price was exaclty the same as other companies (even if they confirmed that the 20% was included, I don't think so). Besides, terms and conditions of the contract were worse (for example coverage was much lower) than others.

On the other hand, the contract is written in French, so I don't see any advantage in working with them. I wouldn't recommend it.

(FYI, I finally signed with "Zurich").
Posted By:
kasparainens L
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