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Authentic Life Coaching
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How can life coaching help you?

Many people have preconceived ideas of what coaching is, and wonder if it could really help. You may already have a specific idea in mind: finding the commitment and energy to break through procrastination and increase performance, identifying the steps to a deeper, richer meaning to life, or perhaps embracing the drive or direction to a career bloom.

So how about we start by shaking off those preconceptions? Take a breath. Forget about self help guides or eternal positive thinking. Try flipping it the other way: what would the most amazing type of coaching be, for you, if it were… just for you? It fits like a glove. You get to define it; you get to feel it. It’s going to be kind to you, to respect you in your entirety and help you take massive strides towards invigorating life, to congruent integrity. Let it roam free, let it fly, whatever it means to you, until you find mastery in your life.

Perhaps you can already feel it, it’s going to be a fabulous adventure.

Coaching brings you clarity, gets to the real truths in your life, and helps you to navigate the inevitable challenges along the way. It helps you to find your own resources and inner wisdom to achieve that which is most important to you. It can help you to prioritise and give you strength to manage overwhelming or conflicting priorities.

Coaching gives you permission to hear the truth within you and empowers you to turn dreams into the here and now, eventually wondering why they were only dreams for so long. Coaching can give strength and purpose to life. It can bring peace and acceptance. It can help you to find meaning in this world and help you find entirely realistic and practical methods to learn, grow and succeed in the ways that are most important to you. Each one of us has our own unique experience but I have experienced exactly this and I firmly believe it is within us all.

Nobody else knows what your future may bring, what you are capable of or what gifts you will discover along the way. Coaching helps with those unknowns: you start to listen for opportunities as life unfolds, to pay attention and kindness to your own purpose and potential. Our answers are almost always within us, and coaching helps us to shine a light upon the questions we are really asking ourselves. Opportunities are always around us: our future is predominantly the result of the questions we are asking ourselves today.

I offer anyone a free 45 minute clarity session so that we can discuss your goals, your readiness to embrace change, and to see if we work well together. A strong personal rapport between us is essential for your progress, and so this conversation gives us both the opportunity to check if we can be a good fit.

To your future prosperity and well-being!
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