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Aux deux portes
2 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Vegetarian
Keywords:  bio and snack shop

11 rue Schaub
Genève 1202

website: http://http://www.auxdeuxportes.ch/
tue-fri 9.30h-19.00h
small bistro and sandwich shop. not very central but worth to pass by if you are around
Member Reviews (2)
Aug 8, 2013 by tikati
At my writing this is the only vegan restaurant in Geneva. It is open Tuesday to Friday 9:30-19. A good time to go is at 12 for lunch. (Lunch is served until 14:30). They have one plate of organic, vegan, macrobiotic meal of the day every day. The plates are very healthy, super-tasty and always please the eye with artistic array. They only have a few tables, so it can get a bit crowded. The staff is ever so nice. They always have a smile for every client. I regularly go there because when I eat there, I feel the place nourishes not only my stomach, but my soul as well. (If you think I am sounding new-agey here, go and check out the place, and you will see what I mean! Most probably you will leave smiling to yourself :)).
The decor is simple, homey, tasteful. The place serves as a gallery too, so on the wall you see paintings.
If you come by public transport, take tram 14 to the Potterie stop.
They sell vegan cakes, pastries, quiches, muffins, etc. Instead of refined sugar, they use rice syrup or pear syrup. No animal products are used in the lunch meals and in the cakes. And all kinds of health food and teas, coffee are on sale too. Apart from vegan cheese, seitan, tempeh, vegan yogurt, etc. they also sell some cow-milk yogurt and dried fish.
Once a month they offer vegan macrobiotic cooking classes-check their site for more details. They offer catering services as well. They are on holiday until 20 August, 2013.

All in all, this is a wonderful place that I very highly recommend.
Jul 19, 2013 by Katja
Nice little bio shop offering daily dishes.
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