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15 Reviews
Categories:  Professional Services  >  Insurance
Keywords:  insurance, health, medical, assura, assurance, helsana, css,

Place des Philosophes 12
Genève 1205

phone: 076 543 90 08
email: [email protected]
Insurance broker, insurance advisor. Private insurance (health, home, vehicles), Life insurance, Company insurance. Owner : Alexandre Bender.
Member Reviews (15)
Zhongyi W
Dec 27, 2014 by Zhongyi W
Very nice guy! excellent and professional service, and quick respond to every question I had.
Alex Cardin
Dec 23, 2014 by Alex Cardin
Very good service. Extremely efficient. Available to answer to any question. Helps after the contract is signed.
Highly recommended !
Diego T
Dec 19, 2014 by Diego T
Unfortunately I had a different experience with Alexandre than that of most people here. Since my car insurance contract is expiring, I phoned him twice (no answer) and emailed him to inquire for possible better options, including data from my current policy. 10 days after Alexandre got back to me. All communications we had was a couple of 2-lines emails: one saying that I cannot end my insurance now, to which I responded that I think I can since my end of contract is on March 15; the second that he has no deals to offer better than I have now.
Perhaps I got him on a bad time or my current policy is just fantastically good already (I doubt it) but based on my experience I would definitely not recommend Bestinsurance. Regards,

Nacho Subirá Otal
Dec 1, 2014 by Nacho Subirá Otal
Quick and extra good quality in health insurance information and deals.

Always available and very responsive to suit my needs, a real good discovery for dealing with health coverage.
erdem erciyes
Nov 30, 2014 by erdem erciyes
He is very helpful and professional. Besides he can use English well and easy to access any time. I highly recommend him.
Alexandra M
Aug 4, 2014 by Alexandra M
Excellent service. Highly recommended. Alexandre came to our house, explained us all details, answered for all our questions very professionally. We will ask for his service again that's for sure.
Dessi D
Apr 3, 2014 by Dessi D
Outstanding service:
- Great explanation,
- Represents a wide range of contractors which provides customers with a lot of choices;
- Helps after the contract is signed;
- Extremely efficient.

Dec 5, 2013 by lepidoptere
Excellent and very efficient service !

Very professional

Besides you can easily communicate through email, which is quite useful.
cardero's a
Nov 21, 2012 by cardero's a
Excellent service, very very cheap , very good professional, .i can't believe ...So ..i'm definitely recommended
Tina K
Apr 26, 2012 by Tina K
Excellent Service!!
Joseph M
Apr 17, 2012 by Joseph M
If you need insurance, this is where to come in Geneva. The service is good, efficient, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. You will not regret it, I promise!
Apr 8, 2012 by mefran
Excellent service, thanks you very much ! I got the cheapest price for my swiss health insurance ;)
ibti t
Apr 3, 2012 by ibti t
best coverage i think....
Mar 22, 2012 by Cervin
Absolutely the best insurance service I have had in Geneva - or anywhere.
Mar 17, 2012 by irinulik

After using services of one of the local insurance providers for a year, I decided to find a new one with better terms. Luckily, I met Mr. Bender, who has kindly provided me with a detailed explanation on insurance services, providers and their prices available in Switzerland. This is when I found out that I can get the services provided by my current insurance company for much less price with other insurance providers.

Mr. Bender helped me not only by providing thorough information on various insurance providers, but also with all logistics related to changing the insurance company. Given his knowledge and contacts in the field, all paperwork was done only in a few days.

My current insurance package is much cheaper than my previous one and it covers all the same basic services as the previous one. In addition, Mr. Bender is always available to answer any question I may have related to the available medical services and/ or doctors.
Posted By:
Alexandre B
Business Owner:
Alexandre B
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