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Decohh! Renovations and Improvements.
30 Reviews
A fully registered and insured Swiss company, catering a serious menu ranging from a simple cat scratch wall repair, to a fully renovated kitchen or a complex bathroom. I´ve been around for a long enough time, I know what to expect and advise from Regie inspections, local rules and regulations, transform a cave into a comfy grand cinema space or to deal with wall partition.
All challenges accepted, ranging from:
-Demolition work
-Dry walling
-Wall Partitions-
-Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations
-Even the odd gardening jobs in the off season!

Send me a message, if you´d like a Swiss guaranteed and executed job.
Member Reviews (30)
Roland v
Jan 29, 2019 by Roland v
Justin installed some shelving and repaired a electrical socket in our apartment. He is extremely reliable, efficient and friendly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and he is very well priced! Thank you Justin.
Jennifer T
Dec 5, 2018 by Jennifer T
If you are looking for a reliable, energetic and super positive contractor look no further than Justin! He aims to please and has such a great vibe! Highly recommend him.
Shaun M
Apr 18, 2018 by Shaun M
Justin laid some flooring in my home. Pre-job communication excellent and he did a fine job for a competitive price. He even brought his own Dyson with him and left everything exceptionally clean and tidy. Would thoroughly recommend.
jaelah j
Apr 18, 2018 by jaelah j
We found Justin to be very dedicated and serious about the job at hand, and also a super friendly person. He painted our oak parquet floor white. Even when it turned out to be a more labour-intensive job than we had foreseen he saw it through and achieved the result we were hoping for. Thanks again Justin!
James Fulker
Nov 2, 2016 by James Fulker
Justin was fantastic - friendly, fast and did a really professional job.
Melissa Conway
Apr 14, 2015 by Melissa Conway
Justin was great! He came to fix a problem with my oven, and had it sorted immediately. He was prompt, professional, reliable, and knew what he was doing... 5/5! Thanks Justin!
jojojo m
Mar 19, 2015 by jojojo m
AMAZING! He really did an amazing job building a shelf for me. He was extremely honest and fair with the budget, in the end, it was below my budget and I thought this just showed that he is really fair.

I'd definitely recommend him and contact him for other jobs! He can be trusted as a person and as a professional, he did a great job!

Thanks Justin!!!!
kem ananaba
Aug 24, 2014 by kem ananaba
great job.... justin did some tiling and was so polite and friendly

definitely recommend him
juan vergez
May 4, 2014 by juan vergez
Excellent job, we have our house full of paintings (now properly hanged).

We would contact him again for any other job.

Thanks Justin!
Juliane Trautmann
Oct 12, 2013 by Juliane Trautmann
I am soo happy having found Justin!
We moved to Geneva and we had true short term pressure to have a visitors-ready apartment. Already when we contacted Justin the first time, he was responding instantly!

Justin did curtains, pictures, lots(!) of lamps and fixing the washing machine (that had a build-in-trap by somebody who didn't like us) in an incredible time.

He was always so nice, very polite and dynamic! He had tips and tricks for us and has a vast of experience when the expected easy things turns out not to be as straight forward.

I would always recommend Justin to my best friends! However I hope he will still have time for us when all Geneva calls him :-)
Louise M
Oct 10, 2013 by Louise M
I could not believe my luck when I happened upon Justin. He is the best handyman that anyone could hope to find. He is efficient, innovative and takes enormous pride in his work. And he is always so ready to fit me in even when I know he has lots of other work to do. I've told Justin that he CANNOT leave Geneva before I do. I know I won't find another like him. My only reservation about talking so highly of him is that he will be even more in demand!
Jane Y
Mar 24, 2013 by Jane Y
Excellent job well done! Justin helped me uninstall lights and washing machine at the old apartment and re-installed them in the new apartment. As always, things don't go as planned and aren't as simple as they seem, but Justin had helpful suggestions and solved all the problems we encountered. It took a lot of the stress away from me. I would highly recommend Justin and would not hesitate to use him again.
Grace C
Mar 12, 2013 by Grace C
I asked Justin to connect the washing machine in my apartment and he did the job. It was a bit more complicated than a usual connection as he had to find a divider to use the same pipe what I use for the dishwasher. All works fine.
Asya P
Feb 28, 2013 by Asya P
I have been so so lucky discovering Justin here at Glocals! I recommend to everyone who needs to do construction works at home. He is a treasure, moreover, mastered the contruction at university, has an incredible experice worldwide! What is even more, even if he enters your home just for a short and small cosmetic work like it was in my case (preparation of exiting Regie inspection), he energise you with his cheerful personality, sense of humor and all sort of advice and life exeprinces! Very very much recommended. Great job, very precise, perfect solution!
Maggie L
Jan 23, 2013 by Maggie L
I discovered Constructive Solutions (Bits and Bobs) through all of the Glocals recommendations and was extremely pleased with the results. We had a fairly big job which required someone with not only the proper equipment but also the know how of someone with experience. Justin stopped by one afternoon to have a look at the problem and gave us a quotation a few days later. He took the time to study the job, then wanted to do some research prior to advising us of the cost. Justin will explain to you the work that needs to be done to make sure you are comfortable which in our case was key since we are living in a rental. He is a pleasure to work with and we will definitely call upon him again for our next project!
Nov 30, 2012 by dantan
Justin saved my Thanksgiving. The rack in our our oven fell out a few days before our dinner party. Justin noticed that the bolt was missing. He brainstormed different solutions and came up with one which he said he would research further. He called me the next day, and advised that based on his research that method would not be a safe solution. I was impressed that he not only took the time to research, but to actually call back on such a small job. He then offered to stop by on Saturday morning to try another idea. His idea worked beautifully! I was able to roast a 7:6 Kg turkey on Sunday.

We definitely plan on using him in the future!

Thanks Justin!
Dave H
Nov 15, 2012 by Dave H
All´s well that ends well! Our journey took a few turns, which I must express. We mistakenly took for granted the balance between quantity and quality. Our objective was initially simple, get the work done, as reasonably economical as possible and living happily ever after – after all we thought; If property/rent is as it is, we´ll save on the labour costs. (We bought a small place, but 1980´s decorated and wanted to update it to modern needs). This however turned out not to be the best decision – not the buying, but the upgrading. After 4weeks, we decided to let go of the “team” we contracted, which was, one day here, one day there…and not much contact neither and apparently very “professional”. Justin had a small break in his time and came in for a quote-as well as a few others. It was not his selling techniques, but simply the fact that he took a placed tile and lifted it up, asking when they laid it. (It was laid 2 days before… goodness!) I immediately understood and was convinced. He took care accordingly to our budget and looked for the best quality; I have to say it has worked out perfectly. He knows what he does perfectly and we´re so happy now. A very 1st class tradesman!
Oct 29, 2012 by meiling
I wouldn't use anyone else other than Justin, his work is of the top quality with clean and precise finishing. In addition, he shows a lot of caring for the others, unlike those who would only screw you with extra hours and poor outcome. I use him for everything, he lay my floor beautifully. I would recommend him with no hesitation.
Adrian D
Oct 21, 2012 by Adrian D
Bits and bobs prepared my apartment before I returned it the regie. The quality of the work completed was of the highest quality. This included both complex work repairing a parquet floor and simple tasks like painting. There was no job too big or small and all were completed in a efficient manner. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending bits and bobs for any renovation or maintenance work.
Suzanna S
Oct 14, 2012 by Suzanna S
We had accumulated a few small jobs around the house that needed a bit more expertise than we had (hanging some things that required drilling into tile walls, replacing a light switch, moving an unwieldy and heavy piece of equipment through a narrow door, among others). Justin did a great job, both in terms of the actual work and in laying out the pros and cons of different options when a decision had to be made how to proceed. I found him to be professional and meticulous, and his rates are definitely reasonable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.
sophie ariadne tsk
Aug 31, 2012 by sophie ariadne tsk
I'm recommending Bits and Bobs with no hesitation as I can assure their professionalism and decent prices...I appreciate that they will not spend too much time even if they are paid per hour like in other services and the result is the best possible. i had my appartment painted in a very clean and tidy way which was much appreciated!! I really recommend Bits and Bobs for any kind of handyman jobs you would like to do, Justin is very friendly and easy to communicate and have the desired result!!
Alma A
Jul 18, 2012 by Alma A
I wish there were more stars to add (5 is not enough) because that is how incredible my boyfriend and I found Justin and his work. A couple of rooms in our house had severely damaged wall paper and fixing it was becoming urgent. I saw Justin's ad and contacted him , even though I knew he was completely booked out through July, to see if we could just set up a meeting for a quote, explaining to him our situation. He responded the same day advising that he could come on Thursday for a quote and that if we agreed on everything he could do it for us next week (starting Monday 16 July 2012) as another job he was working on had been moved by a few days. As arranged he came to our place and the moment we met him we liked his bright personality and incredible professionalism. We also deeply appreciated his honesty, because we were under the impression that all the wallpaper would have to come off and be replaced and we were panicking at the thought of the cost. However, Justin provided us with a great solution, that both saved us time and money. Following our meeting, we hired Justin to do the job and within two days, Monday and Tuesday all the work was done to perfection. We left Justin with the key and he took care of everything. What was also really great and that we appreciated very much is that he kept us appraised of all the cost involved through out the entire process. And as for the walls, I don't think they ever looked as good as they do now and you would never guess that there was ever any damage. Honestly, we could not recommend Justin enough. He is absolutely brilliant at what he does and is completely professional, honest,extremely knowledgable and hard-working, everything was just smooth sailing and easy, great rates and just delightful to work with. Thank you Justin!
Marcel E
May 2, 2012 by Marcel E
We´ve had Justin and his team initially come in just to remove our old kitchen. But that overflowed into many other things as we realised his approach on the work involved. We changed the tiles, plumbing pipes and electrical stuff. Even though we´ve changed our plans a few times, he adapted easily and we probably made his life miserable unknowingly. We are very satisfied about the way he works, his rates and how he understood our changing ideas what we wanted and surely will get him again.
Apr 17, 2012 by BikeCH
I've worked with Justin several times now. He works very quickly, while being thorough and conscientious. What's more, he only charges for the time he is actually on the ground working.

@ Collette.I see your problem is rather recent. I'm working with Justin at the moment (around the same time as you), and know that he has been having serious problems with his telephone. I'm sure this is was the cause.

I hope you can speak with him and change your review. After all, he never did actually work for you.
Collette L
Apr 11, 2012 by Collette L
I would never write a negative review of someone unless they or their work was blatantly abysmal since I believe that anyone, even the best of us, can and do have bad days. That said I feel that it would be a disservice to others seeking professional help if I did not communicate my experience of this person. After reading the great reviews of Bits and Bobs I called Justin who was very nice and courteous. I confirmed by email the details of the job, price, location, time, etc. and he sent back a confirmation email agreeing to all, two weeks prior to the actual job date. (He was to disassemble closets at one location and reassemble them at our new location) We even spoke on the phone in between and he recommended another person to help with our move and again we confirmed the date of the job. The week of the job I called him several times just to check in and let him know that everything was on schedule and to confirm the time of his arrival the day of the job. He never phoned me back and only sent a brief email telling me that he was out of a service region and would contact me as soon as he was 'connected' again. This communication never occurred and we were stood up for the entire job! Moving in Geneva can be a nightmare and extremely pricey and I know that I count on people to honor their word when they commit to something. It cost us hundreds of swiss francs extra to get someone else to disassemble the closets at the last minute and to reassemble them later. Beside the frustration and anguish is the fact that he never even communicated an apology in any way and we have no idea why he was a ' no show' for the job. We are extremely disappointed and would never recommend him to anyone since he appears to be a person who does not honor his word.
Oct 29, 2011 by misskate
Superb value for excellent work! Justin is a creative problem solver; he looks at what needs to be done and figures out how even when at first, it doesn't look possible. He and Mario have hung shelves, wall-mounted racks and moved outlets. I've already started my next list of things for them to do. Timely and professional, I highly recommend them!
Igor Valente
Jul 15, 2011 by Igor Valente
Very friendly guys. Service was done efficiently and to a great standard. And all for a good price also! Would definitely give them a call again if anything else needs doing around the place.
Jan 28, 2011 by NORMA M
No problem in recommending Bits n Bobs ...
All work requested was completed in a professional and tidy manner ... he's very knowledgeable regarding his work and even suggested a few extra tips eg, kitchen design etc ...
Will certainly request his services in the future for any more DIY required.
zdenka e
Jan 27, 2011 by zdenka e
very helpful, nice, personalized service. Would recommend if you need someone with good manual skills and intelligent approach. And honest pricing on top of the good work!
Jan 27, 2011 by ryderc
Bits and Bobs were efficient, very personable and did a good job under difficult circumstances.
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