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Book a reliable private cleaner online!
1 Review
Looking for a reliable private cleaning service?

BOOK A TIGER now for only 35 CHF/ hour!

Book now with the exclusive coupon code TIGERCHS36 and receive an hour of free cleaning in your city!

Who we are

BOOK A TIGER is the most modern cleaning company in Switzerland. You can book a reliable cleaner online by visiting our website. Our service can be found in all major cities in German-speaking Switzerland, so in: Basel, Bern, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Winterthur and Zürich.

Our motto: BOOK A TIGER cleans professionally and you can enjoy your free time.

Your benefits with a BOOK A TIGER cleaner

We clean from only 35 CHF/ hour, no extra costs
We only send trained and professional cleaners
Book flexibly- once or regularly
No contract term
Pay simply and securely online
Call us toll free-7 days a week

Any questions?
Call us under our toll-free Hotline: 0800 002 625
Member Reviews (1)
Sep 8, 2017 by Bryn
I have had nothing but headaches and frustration with BoT, ending today, when a cleaner literally ran away from my 10' metal gate because our dog barked from the other side (she's a golden retriever, so not a particularly monstrous hound). BoT emailed me, hours after I called them, to tell me she was "no longer available," which was both unnecessary (I called them) and inaccurate (she showed up and left without a word).

This is one of multiple annoying instances with BoT, involving the mundane last-minute cancellations to the more stressing example of a cleaner disappearing with my house keys for several weeks. To every instance of poor professionalism, I received an apathetic to half-hearted response from the BoT customer services and each instance required that I wait on hold and push to find a way to resolve the problem (often with multiple phone calls). This is not how a credible business should operate.

tl/dr: BoT is terrible for customer service and the cleaners are "ok" (some are good; some needed to be shown how a Dyson vacuum worked). Their app and scheduling website may look fancy but they generally don't work and, as a result, I found my experiences with them to be a huge waste of time and energy (this comment included). Save yourself the trouble and book elsewhere (Siva Star or Menage Simple).
Posted By:
Bianca C
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