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Boreal Coffee Shop
19 Reviews
Categories:  Coffee Shops

Rue du stand 60

phone: (022) 310 6960
website: http://www.borealcoffee.ch/index.html
Member Reviews (19)
Saso D
Dec 17, 2013 by Saso D
Bit crowded on Sunday evening but never the less lovely atmosphere.. WiFi worked with no problem and their Mochaccino is one of the best.
p.s. Dog friendly place!
Mar 1, 2013 by anushka
Great Chai Latte and Tea selection for those who don't drink coffee... the only hick-up it's always crowded and closes earlier than Starbucsk ;-( WiFi didn't work for me last time probably due to too many people surfing... well victim of it's success... maybe time to open more :-)
Maggy L
Feb 28, 2013 by Maggy L
Wonderful atmosphere, great coffee, delicious pastries...
What else is to say?
Oct 3, 2012 by Sandalette
They are super nice, sell good cakes and coffees, and, as said Stephen G, various freshly raosted coffee beans packs to make great coffee at home.
Foteini G
Oct 2, 2012 by Foteini G
One of the very best coffee shops in Geneva!
Stephen G
Sep 9, 2012 by Stephen G
Apart from the excellent coffee, service, atmosphere, etc. this is also a great place to buy a variety of beans to take home.
Nov 2, 2011 by Zonker
I'm not a coffee/tea drinker, but it's a great place to meet and hang out. Very relaxed. Nice music. Lots of room and it feels a bit like a 'Friends' coffee shop, without being too New York.

They also have *free* Wi-Fi! Check your receipt for the password.

This is where I currently offer my free one-hour IT sessions every Monday.

I give it 4 stars because they don't have much to offer non-coffee/tea drinkers. They have Coke Zero, but not good ol' fashioned Coke. They have bubbly water, but not still.

And, their wireless has been a bit hit-or-miss for a week or so. (Yes, I told them I could solve their problem, but they haven't come to me, yet.)
Birgit S
Sep 10, 2011 by Birgit S
Excellent coffee - brewed with the skills and passion of Baristas. This is the real thing.
Andrew I
Apr 21, 2011 by Andrew I
In terms of Atmosphere this is so far my favorite place.
Very good place to come and chill with a friend, they have sofas, and it is well located.

The coffee is very good and they have a good selection of biscuity things and chocs to go with it. The staff is also very pleasant. It is open on Sundays, so can be a bit crowded and loud then.

The only main downside is that the tea is quite bad.
Apr 21, 2011 by Onis
Very nice calm place.
Jeanenne B
Apr 21, 2011 by Jeanenne B
I walked into Starbucks and walked out. I walked into Boreal and walked out hours later, it's a process I continuously repeat. The combination of good coffee, good food, good prices and a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing environment makes Boreal the go to spot for me when I need to sit peacefully and study.
Julie F
Feb 14, 2011 by Julie F
Very good coffee there, better value than Starbucks. Try their carrot cake, it's really good!
Lisa M
Feb 13, 2011 by Lisa M
Great for coffee lovers considering all the coffees served have their milk shaped like a heart on top! With lower prices than Starbucks, the soft sofas and cosy atmosphere is perfect!
Feb 11, 2011 by Translator
Great coffee and tea, nice ambiance, very good service. Nice little terrace in back during the warmer times of the year. I took a friend there earlier this week and she loved it as well.
Jan 20, 2011 by BCROVER
Great staff, great coffee and great food, the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. Love this place..
Jan 20, 2011 by JMfromTO
By far the best coffee shop in Geneva. Great food for lunch as well. The only downside is more and more people are finding the place (it's a little off any main street) and it's getting busy. I'm there almost every other day that I'm in Geneva.
Nov 3, 2010 by alex1970
best coffee in Geneve !
Feb 23, 2010 by jdragos
The first time I had a cafe latte from Boreal was a turning point for my life in Geneva. Finally excellent coffee in the city, great friendly owners who take great care in every step of the coffee making process, and a perfect place to chill with friends, read, study etc etc etc. Check out their tartines-a-go-go on the weekends:)

Jun 7, 2009 by boleet
"Boreal Coffee is finally an alternative to Starbucks in Geneva. Great decor, non-smoking, and owners who take pride in the coffee they serve. They make wonderful soy lattes with foam that supports a beautiful design. I hope they open more!"
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Business Owner:
Fabien Decroux
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