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Burrito Brothers Geneva
2 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Other
Keywords:  burrito, mexican, tex-mex, fast-food, american

Rue Rousseau 29
Geneva 1201

website: http://http://www.burritobrothers.ch/
email: [email protected]
Burrito Brothers is born out of a combination of fresh, local produce, Mexican inspired recipes and California street food style. The result is an incredible mix of flavors wrapped in a perfectly portable tortilla shell.

Our Mission, simply, is to spark a change in the Mexican style food scene in Switzerland.

Choosing Lausanne as our capital, Burrito Brothers will offer a true taste of California style Mexican food. We will not accept second best, so you shouldn't either. Our 8 hour Slow Cooked Carnita pork and Barbacoa Beef are prepared daily for maximum tastyness and flavor. All our salsas are prepared by hand in the restaurant, and our signature Guacamole is made of hand-smashed real avocados, so there are no additives or preservatives.

We also prepare our foods with coconut oil, in an effort to utilize its unique properties as a 'super food.' We feel that just because you are in a rush, you don't need to sacrifice your food options and eat over processed, unhealthy food!
Member Reviews (2)
Dave G
Jan 23, 2017 by Dave G
I got my first Burrito , Crispy Field. It was awsome. Spicy, Carnitas, geewy cheese, rice, meat sauce. Best burrito's in town. with Awesome tangy Salsa. Then same price as a McDonalds menu, so its a no brainer, eat at Burrito Brothers, convenient as is just next to Manor/train station. Also open late, i think until 23h00
András B
Oct 28, 2016 by András B
I went to Burrito Brothers in Geneva on their opening day, and boy, am I happy I did!

First, their burritos are absolutely divine! Fat, meaty, saucy, just like I like them. The tortilla itself was soooo tasty and had an amazing texture. Mouthwatering...

Second: The place is going to be packed from now on, so I'm happy I could go there and get served without waiting too long.

In any case, the place is a definite must-try!
Posted By:
András B
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