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Buvette des bain des paquis
14 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Swiss

"Bain des paquis, Quai du Mont Blanc 30"

phone: 022 7381616
website: http://www.buvettedesbains.ch/pages/informations.html
Member Reviews (14)
Michelle R
Nov 29, 2010 by Michelle R
I should have maybe read the review here to set expectations before going, but i'd heard they had great affordable fondue and was content with hearing just that.

The worst part of the experience was the attitude from the restaurant staff. They didn't have our reservation (which i know i had) and gave us a hard time. Then he squeezed us between a group and just left. We had no idea how to order food or what to do next. Eventually we wondered outside and asked the poor woman at the counter what to do. Throughout the night the server continued to be less than hospitable (i could easily use stronger vocabulary). He was just angry, cursing at me because my seat was too far out into the narrow passage between tables and small stupid stuff. I mean come on, would it hurt to be nice. And not to mention combat some stereotypes about the French? I just hope what comes around goes around...

The ambiance is nothing to write home about. It was like an outdoor picnic; plastic tablecloths, etc. Fondue not that awesome.

All in all between the service, the lack of instructions of what to do and the ambiance i'm the type that would rather pay 50% more and enjoy my meal.

Apr 1, 2009 by teadrinker
"Best fondue venue in geneva. Convivial relaxed setting, good fondue, reasonable prices, HUGE wine bottles."
Apr 7, 2008 by atoll
yummie fondue. not sure what one reviewer means about *no potatoes* .. with the regular cheese fondue .. there isn't meant to be potatoes .. confirm decor is nothing to write home about .. self service too .. but it's hippie style .. like it or loathe it i guess ..
Mar 31, 2008 by babylicious
"Great fondue. Delicious Bread, perfect for a cold Winter/Spring Evening. The Decor is not much to shout about. but the food was delicious."
Jan 9, 2008 by coquemont
"The fondue is not good. It is heavy, tasteless, and you don't get potatos. Cornichons (pickles and pickled onions) are extra and served in tiny portions, and there are no potatos.

If you want real fondue, with everything good, well, I suggest you leave Geneva and head over to Gruyere. Seriously. After you've eaten there, any place in town is dissapointing to the point of nausea. As well if you ever make it over to Gruyere (its the one all the way in the back -- kindof a chatlet) make sure and order the Merengues avec double creme for dessert. I know you'll be full already, but its worth it"
Apr 20, 2007 by hyphen1
nice to be out on the lake on a summer afternoon or winter evenings. Self serve food to your table from a bustling kitchen wicket. Table help is a bit slow but helpful. go early as certain dishes run out especially veggie only. Crowded & smokey sometimes. No choice in wine or beer as it's all the house brand. a No star rated hit for friends gathering.
Mar 4, 2007 by zenbrain
"When it comes to fondue I find the place over rated and the hours inapropriated, it would be a 2 star place.

When it comes to plat du jour in summer, I am a huge fan. Everytime I go, there is a balanced, consensual, economical and delicious plate that is waiting after a long babelic line of hungry habituees. Disputing a place with the crowd and the rests with the pigeons becomes a familiar tradition at that time of the year.

Ps.: Avoid windy days."
Mar 1, 2007 by GORA
"Went there at 21:00 (weekday). It was a fondue evening, and crowded even if it was a bit cold.
- Specific area for non smokers (80%)
- Very cheap and OK if you do not expect a 1st class hotel
- There were some guys who just met there and discuss about violin and even played classical music for about 30mn just for their own fun (and the other)
- Simple and fun (simple mais sympa)"
Feb 19, 2007 by Crepe
"Le Bain de Paquis is the biggest melting pot in Geneva. In summer it's hot hot there and you can get quite good alternative food. Now in winter - as you just talked about Fondue - its a great cosy Fondue place, not expensive, and there's the sauna for people who like that."
Feb 9, 2007 by Antinomy
"Curious that the most physically conspicuous eatery in Geneva - literally attached to a lighthouse - is still thought a well kept secret by its numerous habitu?s . Food is solidly good, unfussed, an agreeable lack of choice - no time wasted pondering how to maximise your glycemic index options (and you can't compete with the bodies on display anyway) . The variety comes not from the menu but the a la carte humanity, a wonderful blend of exotic body piercees, Paquis fringe-dwellers, leathered heliophile dowagers, and bankers loosening their ties just a little to let the steam out..."
Feb 6, 2007 by iangeneva
"Best in summer, when bankers and beach bums queue for one of Geneva's cheapest and best plats du jour. Then return on Sunday evenings and listen to some great chilled music as the sun sets. Bliss."
Feb 5, 2007 by sylwia
"Good quality (even their bread is great), the best viande s?ch?e in town, in my opinion (it's spicier than usually), very cheap, and... nothing compares to a summer breakfast there."
Feb 4, 2007 by zolita
"Yes, I agree, good fondue in winter, but also try salads and plat du jour during summer, inexpensive and well served (also always crowded)"
Feb 1, 2007 by Susie
"This rating is only for the fondue. Cant believe its not on this list already.
It can get quite crowded since everybody in Geneva and their family and schools and etc come here for a cheap but very very tasty fondue in a cheerful atmosphere.
If still looking for it look for the thing which the light house is on, by the lake."
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