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Cabinet Veterinaire de St.Jean
14 Reviews
Categories:  Pets  >  Veterinarians

Rue de St.Jean 28

phone: (022)  340 2727
Member Reviews (14)
Colleen W
Feb 2, 2021 by Colleen W
It's true they do speak English here but, I really cannot recommend this veterinarian. I had brought my cat here 3 times and when she got really sick I called on a Saturday morning to request an urgent appointment. They told me they had no availability. I tried to explain that I thought it was urgent but they were still unwilling to take us. They sent me to another veterinarian who gave her medication which I believe made the situation worst. My poor cat got sicker and on Monday morning I called around to 5 other vets who were not able to take us. I ended up going back to Cabinet St Jean and the cat ended up dying two days later. She had a blockage which I know would have resulted in her dying anyway but I have to say, it was really cruel of them to not take me on the Saturday when she was really sick. I will never take any of my pets here again.
Reka Y
Oct 6, 2017 by Reka Y
We have been going with my cat, Maffia a lot in the last two years to the cabinet and dr Boullanger took maximum care of my cat.
In her last two years, she was suffering from a kidney failure and they helped us to manage it well.
She lived an extra two years after being diagnosed.
When she was hospitalized the assistance also took time to cheer my cat up as she was obviously not used to being hooked on IV and staying at the vet for 3 days. But the treatment helped to managed the crisis as well and she had a few more months to live happily.
The entire staff was very attentive. In fact, whenever I went to pick up the medication for Maffia, they knew my name, Maffia`s name by heart etc.
During the last week, they did not force me to take the decision of ending the life of my beloved cat but discussed me frankly and hopenly. When it came to the monent to say goodbye to my cat, they assisted me with the outmost respect and care. Gave us time to say bye and took care of the incineration as well.
I am surprised to see such a harsh comment below. I guess when one arrives in a foreign country, it should also accept that they should adjust their behavior to the local customs. I have not been overcharged by this cabinet at all. They always explained what I was getting charged for etc.
Emi L
Nov 16, 2016 by Emi L
I went to Dr. Campbell when we got our puppy as I wanted an English speaking vet. Dr Campbell was really nice for our first couple of appointments but as my puppy got older and more boisterous he was really short tempered with him and I didn't like the way he treated my dog so I've since gone elsewhere.

He also told me I had to castrate my dog at 6 months, which for a medium to large breed dog (Vizsla) is way too young. I'm not a vet but even I've seen published research reports available done specifically on Vizslas being neutered too young and leading to a higher incidence of cancer so I felt like he didn't give me the best advice.

He's not a bad vet by any means, but just wasn't a good fit for us.
David B
Aug 7, 2015 by David B
It is a very good veterinaire clinic. Dr Alexandre Boulanger is a nice doctor. He spayed my rabbit. We worried a lot with my wife if we should do it or not since the rabbit is 4 years old but Dr Boulanger did an excellente job. He was very kind and attentive.
He also took care of our rabbit in 2013 and 2014. Again, very efficient and kind.
I recommend.
Annie H
Mar 23, 2015 by Annie H
My dog required surgery for a tumor and enlarged spleen- . Dr. Campbell was amazing and you can tell he loves his work and the animals. We have beeen taking our dog there for 3 years now , very efficient and the staff is all kind and helpful!
Sharon P
Aug 9, 2012 by Sharon P
My cat was sick and I was given an appointment for the next day. Dr Campbell was great, took excellent care of my cat and is a native English speaker. Very efficient and well-organized office, highly recommended!
May 23, 2012 by pie39
I was very impressed with how quickly I was given an appointment for my cat (the next day) which was great. Also the efficiency of all staff, especially Dr Campbell who was excellent. Explained everything and with a very pleasant manner. I certainly recommend this vets.
Jeffery S
Sep 12, 2011 by Jeffery S
Very impressed by the experience I had here. Nothing was a problem and all paperwork for 2 new dogs to Geneva was carried out with minimum of fuss. Rob was very thorough and helpful although he had the entriely wrong team to win the rugby world cup !!
Apr 1, 2011 by Sevigl
Not really satisfied for my puppy's care .
Jan 28, 2011 by cindymiumiu
Dr Campbell is absolutely wonderful. He's kind, honest, and understanding. Always very patient and gives great advice. Under his care my old cat with kidney problems regained his appetit and is feeling much better than before. I highly recommend him for anyone who needs a vet =)
Irene T
Jan 26, 2011 by Irene T
They're good. If they don't know something precisely, they'll tell you openly and will get organized to study the situation. In general they're extra welcoming, sweet with the animals, very well organized, won't let you down not even on a sunday night. A++++++
Jan 26, 2011 by BCROVER
Went to visit Dr Campbell last evening with my puppy and he was just fantastic. We had tons of questions and he took his time and gave us great advice and answers. I would highly recommend him for anyone who needs a vet in Geneva. He is fluent in French and English. The nurses were exceptional too. Highly recommend him and his staff.
Apr 13, 2010 by Maria_
Very good. Use them for all cats and dog and we wont go anywhere else again. And they remember their names, a definite sign they care :)
Jul 17, 2007 by Doozer
"Vets speak English, nurses speak a little but very helpful!"
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