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9 Reviews
Categories:  Professional Services  >  Others
Keywords:  cable TV, internet


website: http://www.cablecom.ch
I am considering to subscribe to Cablecom for TV + internet, but I have heard some bad experience in term of accounting, billing etc.
Other people told me that they have Cablecom and it is ok.
What is your experience ?
Member Reviews (9)
Kabir M
May 27, 2012 by Kabir M
I had the same experience. I ended up paying both Swisscom & Cablecom while changing for more than 1 month. Does anyone think it is correct that any paying call that i make costs minimum 20cts even if it lasted for a second or two?
Curtis D
Apr 5, 2012 by Curtis D
I have found cablecom sales people to be dishonest. I have helped two people in disputes with the company based on misrepresentations that their sales people made. Although they offer high speed internet, it often only comes in at half the speed. In that case Swisscom or Sunrise offer better deals. One poor guy they even tried to sign up for three of the same service contracts, because he had asked for information on a French wesbite three times...he never intended to signup at all. Still I don't think Cablecom is especially bad. A few companies I know have used them for a couple of years with only moderate complaints.

As I would advise for dealings with any Swiss company be very careful to read all the papers, or get someone who knows French well to do so, and make sure you have what you want in writing. You might also want to make sure you know how to reach the Swiss and European consumer advocates related to internet and phone service.
Jul 25, 2011 by assiette
Very fast internet and no problem whatsoever ever since I got a contract with them about two years ago. The speed is double what you get elsewhere and you pay roughly the same price - CHF 64 for a combined offer of fixed phone and internet.
Jul 19, 2011 by Rasputin
I cannot comment about phone or tv, but I have internet service from Cablecom and it superb! In Swisscom you pay 69CHF for 20'000Mbit/s, whereas in Cablecom you get 50'000 for 60/moth or a staggering 100'000 for 75/month. I have the 50'000 package and the actual speed in practice is indeed 50'000. I had no issues with accounting or billing neither.
Phil C
Jul 18, 2011 by Phil C
They are terrible!

Do not subscribe... Terrible servive, product everything is an unmitagated disaster,,,
Jul 17, 2011 by KARO76
Do not subscribe! I had a lot of problems with them.
Patrizia P
Jul 14, 2011 by Patrizia P
Absolutely and completely agree. I moved in my new house in January and promptly ordered Swiss TV.

Of course the previous Cablecom socket was still open.

In April (!) they sent me a contract back-dated to January with a letter that basically said "sign so that we can start charging you from Jan" !!!

joseph s
Jul 13, 2011 by joseph s
It's a rip-off!!! They would tell you lies just to get you to sign a subscription. They would tell you that they are "the same company" as your present one, or tell you that if you break your contract with your present company, they will pay for it, etc..... In the end, you end up paying them, and paying the other company!!!!! Never ever have anything to do with Cablecom!!!!
Jan 4, 2011 by Bustan_A
My humble advice : NEVER do anything with this bunch of idiots! I took an Internet and fixed phone suscription with them. They made all type of mistakes (registering me twice, sending the modem to the wrong adress, cancelling the wrong suscription, promessing to fix things up and not doing anything…) Plus, most of their employees barely know the basics of courtesy.
After one month without landline and Internet, I was able to break the contract and go back to Swisscom. Phew.
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