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Cafe Du Simplon
1 Review
Categories:  Restaurants  >  International
Keywords:  Mediterranean Cuisine

Rue du Simplon 17
Lausanne Switzerland 1006

phone: +41 21 616 31 04
website: http://www.cafedusimplon.ch
email: info@www.cafedusimplon.ch
This place has really good food most of the time. We have been here at least six times. Only once did I have a not so good meal. The prices are very good for Lausanne. The service is sometimes good. Other times it's sheer crap.

Tips. Eat inside. The closer you are to the kitchen the better the service. If you east outside on one of the tables at the end. You will wait forever for anything. Seriously, I am not even joking.
Member Reviews (1)
roman s
May 26, 2011 by roman s
Good food and good prices. Spotty service
Posted By:
roman s
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