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Cellier Movenpick Geneve
2 Reviews
Categories:  Shopping  >  Wine & Alcohol

Chemin du Grand-Puits 40
Meyrin 1217

phone: 022 782 65 72
website: http://www.moevenpick-wein.com/MoevenpickWeinShop/fr/page/weinkeller_genf/detail.jsf
email: [email protected]
Pleasant wine shop offering open (self service) tastings of wine, most of which is on offer. Helpful staff can assist in tasting or make recommendations based on your criteria. Monthly offers on 20 or so wines and well stocked with diverse range of quality wines, spirits and gifts items.
Member Reviews (2)
Miguel P
Jul 26, 2015 by Miguel P
it's been almost 20 years since I go to Movenpick


Price, good advice, very serious establishment, choice of wines
Matt Williams
Jan 17, 2011 by Matt Williams
If you're a wine lover (or want to be!), Movenpick is a great resource in the Geneva area and a place to taste new wines without pretention or presure. Here's a copy of what I posted for Movenpick after having gotten to know it through Buyclub:

I used my Movenpick this weekend and couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised. There were several things I really liked that, having gotten to know it because of the Buyclub offer (didn't know it existed before), will make me come back in the future.
The first thing that stood out is the service. Wine tasting and buying, especially the experiences I've had thus far in Switzerland, can be difficult, frustrating and/or awkward. Because it was our first time there and feeling armed with a little wine knowledge, when we were pleasantly greeted we said we'd like to have a little look around before needing help. No problem...the lady was very friendly and just took a few seconds to explain how the tasting system worked and then left us alone. I found the tasting idea very brave! They just leave out glasses and let you taste the 16-20 wines (good selection of whites and reds) they're offering at your own pace and how you'd like. Of course, if you wanted help tasting or any explanations, you could call someone over, otherwise you were left alone to taste and discuss without someone telling you what you should taste, how you should feel about the wine or even hovering and making you feel watched. Having lived in many wine regions and done many tastings, this was the first time I've seen a style quite like this (with quality glasses where you can really appreciate all the elements of a wine - unlike Burgundy, for example, where you can taste on your own in some places after paying an entrance but then have to drink out of a thimble's slightly bigger brother) and I found it rather refreshing.
Another plus I found was the wines available to taste were all ones that were on offer (up to 50% off). Like Tigre in his post above, we found some great wines that were already 50% off, so we got a great price with the coupons. I'm not a huge fan of buying wine at Swiss prices, but some of the discounted stuff was a decent value and they were pleasing wines. Every month they have inventory that they discount to clear room and there are some bargains to be had on quality wines! They have a mailing list with their monthly promotions and I would recommend any wine lover signing up!
One of the most impressive things was their nice selection. They use their store space fairly well and, in addition to buying/tasting wine in a comfortable setting, they offer quite a range of wines from all over the world. They stock big name (that, in my humble opinion, are overpriced anywhere you buy them) you can impress people with as well as lesser or unknown labels with a little more character that will also impress when you help friends and family discover great wines. As much as I like the challenge of finding wines in different places for a bargain price, in the future I’ll gladly pay a little more (than I like, mind you! There are people who are very happy to pay Swiss prices for wine… more power to them!) to enjoy a Movenpick wine with the confidence I’ll enjoy it and/or it’ll make an excellent gift or bring along to a dinner party.
Lastly, back to service (which is always critical!). Towards the end of our visit, when we felt we had a plan and were ready to face and test the employees, we called a gentleman over. He was very friendly, had a great knowledge of their wines, Movenpick in general and was very pleasant. Having found out we were using the coupons, he took the time to explain Movenpick (since we had no idea other than we enjoy their ice cream) wines and seemed grateful (did I just write that about a Swiss merchant??!!) we were there to try and get something for almost nothing. He answered all of our questions, never pressured or judged, asked good questions of us to help serve us better, helped us get the maximum value for our francs and even entertained. We were so happy, we bought a couple other products (they also have spirits and things like olive oil, chocolate, etc…) for gifts and gave him a little budget to recommend normal priced wines that would knock our socks off. One of the wines on offer received a 97/100 score but was sold out. Luckily, he pointed out there were still some magnums left (something we would have overlooked/ not known about) and we quickly snapped it up! Johnny represented Movenpick very well and did all Swiss retailers proud on Saturday…let’s hope his team keeps it up!
Posted By:
Matt Williams
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