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Centre Médical Rue de Lausanne - MAGELLAN
2 Reviews
A pluridisciplinary medical center close to the railway station "Cornavin" and the UN. Friendly and helpful staff. All the Doctors (GPs, dermatologists, chinese traditional medicine, psychiatrist) and caregivers (physiotherapists, dietetician, psychologists) are able to speak English. Appointments can be set by phone or online (by mid-June 2017).
Member Reviews (2)
Jun 20, 2018 by xaviero
My GP is part of this medical center and all I can say is that it is very “non-Geneva”: you can reserve your appointments online or call a friendly receptionist, doctors are very friendly, approachable, multi-lingual, and they take their time. If you need lab work almost everything can be done on-site. They are strict on non-discrimination and have an open mind in terms of family composition, sexual orientation, mental health needs, and more, which is also rare in GVA. I’ve recommended this medical center to friends and they have been satisfied.
Penelope H
Jun 11, 2018 by Penelope H
I visited the Grand Saconnex Clinic because I suspected I had ruptured my achilles tendon (and I had). I chose this clinic because it was easy to book online and you can request a doctor who speaks English. The clinic lovely, very modern, and I was able to have an x-ray there. My doctor was Severine Siewe and I was very happy with her.
She referred me to their clinic in Servette and to a specialist, Dr Michel Rossi. The Servette clinic has all the fancy equipmet. I've had ultrasounds and MRIs and am very pleased that they are following a course of treatment to try to avoid surgery.
Not sure about charges, not being much of a person to go to the doctor, but it seems fairly pricey (Swiss prices, I expect). Their invoicing system is a bit complex as you can get several invoices for one visit, depending on who you see, but my insurance seems comfortable with it.
So, pretty happy so far.
Posted By:
Jean-Pierre R
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