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Chez Ashanti
6 Reviews
Categories:  Shopping  >  Specialty Foods

23 Rur de Montchoisy

phone: 022 735 18 05
website: http://www.myexpatshop.com
Member Reviews (6)
Ivan Vkusnoedsov
Feb 21, 2012 by Ivan Vkusnoedsov
This shop has also a very good choice of Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Armenian delicacies, among them sour cucumbers, real buckwheat grains, frozen dumplings (pelmeni, pierogi), fresh cheese (twarog), kefir, salted herrings, Riga sprats, Imam Bayeldy, red caviar, Russian and Polish beer and many other products.
Daniel Hill
Aug 8, 2011 by Daniel Hill

Great for Indian and British food, a huge range of products. The only place I have found that sells real ale, pickle and tamarind paste for a reasonable price in Geneva.

Plus it's open on Sundays and the staff are really friendly.
Jul 1, 2010 by Yogagirl
Great shop with fresh exotic fruits and veggies, excellent Indian spices and they even have the "Chaywan Prash", this amazing Ayurvedic paste. Moreover Arun is very friendly, and the opening hours are sooo flexible! I am happy to live nearby!
lota v
Jun 30, 2010 by lota v
this is a good shop! they have some british, american even Philippines products available. The guy who is always there (not sure if he is the owner) always give us discounts and my son always get free candies or juices sometimes.

they are also really nice.
Kristina H
Mar 2, 2010 by Kristina H
Chez Ashanti has a fantastic range of produce - has to be seen to be believed. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday inclusive until late at night.
Dec 3, 2008 by cosmicsnail
"Shop selling British food. This shop mainly has Indien food but also has a good selection of British food, including Walker's Crisps, Cadbury's chocolate, Branston Pickle, crumpets, among others. There is more selection on the website and they deliver or you can pick up from the store."
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