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7 Reviews
Categories:  Shopping  >  Electronics
Keywords:  Electronics, Furniture, bad service

Meyrin 1217

Member Reviews (7)
Jan 12, 2018 by Rowhi1
you are right it happened to me I received the marchandise on 3 times with one month between each :((
Mila L
Mar 14, 2017 by Mila L
Stay away from this company. Worst customer service! Total purchases including delivery turned out to be expensive. Rude staff and unreliable delivery service.

Steven Sargent
Apr 8, 2014 by Steven Sargent
it is a french company - so what do you expect. The worst one is Media Markt - do not try to go back and get warranty - customer service is not a word they understand or even have in their corporate profile.
Manish M
Apr 7, 2014 by Manish M
One of the worst organisation that I have come across in my life...absolutely no concept of customer service, pathetic communication and rude staff (most of them) to make the matter worse...leave alone the problem of language if you do not speak french...vowed never to go there again...
Jose Luis S
Apr 4, 2014 by Jose Luis S
Extremely poor service and unreliable deliveries. I just bought several furnitures from Conforama, and paid a steep price to have some of them delivered and installed. Since I'm currently alone and have to work during the day, I thought it would be convenient to have Conforama deliver and assemble all furnitures in a single day. I was sooooo WRONG! Despite all confirmations for a single run, it took them three deliveries! The first two were incomplete and invovled furntiures that were either scratched or had the wrong specs. During the third delivery, when the staff said they didn't have tthe equipment to install the remaining table, I called the office and got extremely angry - as I had to take three half-day leaves from work already because of their mistakes! They finally got to install the remaining furnitures, and it turned out that the delivery guys had their equipment and just didn't want to be late for their next trip! Also, their work is extremely sloppy (they banged the furnitures on the wooden floor despite my warnings), customer service people are rude (at first they didn't want to accept that the scratch was their fault), and only a few speak English. Worse experience in my life on such matters.... just needed to get this warning out there. Positive swing is that I was more motivated to study conversational French.
Jul 27, 2011 by Jango
Once I took a day off to be at home to receive the furniture.

At last minute they cancelled because they had run out of stock.
Jul 26, 2011 by catalin
Worse service and warranty policy ever! Sometimes they have attractive prices but it's totally not worth the hassle. Bought electronics and small furniture from them, there was always a problem. Took back a brand new TV in box which I had bought but not installed immediately because I didn't have time. When I did install it I noticed a fault and they refused to exchange it or reimburse me because it was more than 8 days! The person at the customer service was obnoxious and they refused to call a supervisor. Only option was to send it for repair and it takes 4-6 weeks. Same 8 days period applies for furniture and everything else compared to IKEA's 90 days. Conforama - neveer again! I would give it 0 stars if I could.
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