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Contemporary dance course by Etienne Frey
1 Review
Categories:  Sports  >  Other, Education  >  Other
Keywords:  dance, contemporary dance, relaxation, well-being, art, movement

Rue de la Coulouvrenière 19, 1204 Geneva

email: [email protected]
Teacher with more than thirty years of experience in dance, Etienne Frey integrates elements of contemporary, classical and modern dance to teach alignment, muscles work, balance, energy awareness, using the space – everything the dancer or any human being needs to move graciously and in joy. He won bunch of awards as a performer and created choreography for many companies around the world (from Mexico to Zurich).
Yet the best part is that in his flyer he points out that the dance (tanha) means the joy of movement, and that or body just waits for the right conditions to express it. So his course is creating these conditions, no matter what is you level or previous experience.
His workshops are beneficial for dancers of different formation, but as well for complete beginners. Apart of the dance you can learn method Bô that aims to help one to deal with muscle tension and learn relaxation.
He gives classes in very central area in a big studio of Dance Area building with a window looking at Rhone. Beginners, intermediate, advanced levels plus atelier. Classes take place lunch time during the week and Sundays. You can get 10 lessons card to use is during the year. Intensive classes and workshops take place holidays time.

His webpage is currently under construction, but you can send the email to ask for more details or find some info in web.

Member Reviews (1)
chevre k
Sep 7, 2014 by chevre k
Someone who masters what he is doing is rare enough to meet, but meeting someone who masters teaching what he masters is a great luck. I would say that Etienne is incredibly generous teacher, but well, someone who worked with M.Bejart and for Grand Theatre de Geneve definitely has way more to give :).
Unlike many other teachers who expect you would get complicated sequence of movement straightaway, he explains promptly the very sense of each movement, and where it comes from. Part of the group are professional dances and still they profit from beginners class. I had grave problems with my back for fifteen years, but thanks to some simple exercise and directions I got in few private lessons, I am getting back to normal state unexpectedly quickly, not to say simply unexpectedly.). It is a true luxury to have a teacher that cares of each student’s progress and is able to give one feedback so the rest of the group can profit as well.
It’s rather frustrating to learn simple things once again (like how to walk or bring hands up), but his sense of humor is kind of trap for the brain which forgets how much it struggles and you… simply enjoy the course and progress inevitably.The class is in French, but he can translate in English if needed. Anyway language shouldn't stop one, I understood 50-80% initially and still it was enough to advance ,). I highly recommend this course to everyone who is interested movement, not only to dancers, but to all who seek better contact with the body and looks for well-being.
Posted By:
chevre k
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