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Ela Massage
2 Reviews
Categories:  Health and Medical  >  Physical Therapy-Massage Therapy
Keywords:  Ayurveda and Thai Massage


phone: 076 398 02 36
website: http://www.elamassage.com
email: ela.ravier@gmail.com
Very relaxing Ayurveda and Thai massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation and alleviates tension. The massage helps to liberate muscular tension and energetic blockages.
Monday-Sunday 10AM-7PM
Free parking.
Member Reviews (2)
Lena E
Mar 1, 2015 by Lena E
Ela is not only an excellent therapist but also an extraordinary human being. Every massage I received from her were more than a relief of tensions and moments of relaxation. It is about creating the conditions to allow you engage in a genuine travel in your inner world. All the conditions are there: nice setting in the country side, calm and serein atmosphere, conversation around a delicious cup of tea preceding a moment of magic.
Ela will touch your body with her hands and soul as you will feel the energy she puts into every single movements. You'll hear her respiration while she's dedicating herself in briging to your awarness all the muscles and pieces of skin you never think of.

Ela, maybe you don't know it, but everytime you make me leave earth for some time I'm still conversing with you. I don't know how it is even possible but it's something I wish everyone to experience !!!

Marie  R
Feb 23, 2015 by Marie R
I really like Ela's work as a massage therapist.

The Ayurvedic massages I received from Ela were perfect. After each massage I felt so relieve and all my tentions and stress disappears. Very professional, relaxing, and therapeutic. Ela seems to sense where the tight muscles and pain are without having to explain.

Apart from massage, it was my dream to receive a Shirodhara for a long time and I was fortunate to find such a wonderful place for the treatment. Shirodhara is a classical and a well-established ayurvedic procedure of slowly and steadily dripping medicated oil or other liquids on the forehead. This procedure induces a relaxed state of awareness that results in a dynamic psycho-somatic balance.
The forehead oil drip given by Ela was just amazing!!! The drip put me into a complete state of relaxation. I almost felt numb. It was wonderful.

Special mention to Ela’s face massage, its unlike a facial and yet a really unusual and rejuvenating experience. Don't miss this.

Ela is very kind, gentle and knows to create a great comfortable atmosphere. Her work shows her dedication and her deep understanding of the body and mind.

Professional and reasonably priced - this is highly recommended.

Marie Rombaut
Posted By:
Ela Ravier
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