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Fair priced home renovations
12 Reviews
Insured and registered Renovation team is available . Work done from A to Z , including : walls replacement , plastering ,tiling , doors installation , electricity , plumbing , painting , furniture assembling , and more .
We can work in Switzerland and France , max . one hour drive from Geneva .

Recent job photos "before" :

https://picasaweb.google.com/105987774216209587288 /StGenisPoullyBefore?authuser=0&feat=directlink

After :

https://picasaweb.google.com/105987774216209587288 /STGenisPoullyAfter?authuser=0&feat=directlink

For your free estimate
Please contact :

Adam Tekien
[email protected]
Member Reviews (12)
Mar 17, 2022 by elm2
Adam made a number of small repairs for me in a very short time, refinished an old tabletop to look like new, and found a creative solution to adjusting the height of the table. Plus he's a really nice guy. I am very pleased and will definitely be calling Adam again.
Barbara G
Feb 11, 2022 by Barbara G
I also found Adam on Glocals. Luckily, he was available for a short job painting. He was completely trustworthy, responsible, hardworking. He did an excellent job. I highly recommend Adam.
Jan 28, 2018 by isabella
I found Adam here on glocals.com. He turned out to be trustworthy and flexible, and he worked perfectly on my out-of-ordinary brief (including delivery of the material from the store). I can wholeheartedly recommend him.
David W
Jan 25, 2018 by David W
Excellent. Adam is a very nice person and does a very good job. He helped fit all the light fixtures in our new apartment. I have no issue in recommending him for any DIY work in future.
Jennifer R
Oct 27, 2017 by Jennifer R
Adam was very helpful in installing my stove. When the one I had bought didn't work, he brought another one and installed it very quickly, and for a very reasonable price. He went above and beyond, and I would highly recommend him.
Boffers H
Mar 13, 2015 by Boffers H
We have used Adam a lot to prepare our house for the Etat de Lieu prior to leaving.

We used him for:
-Repainting the entire house
-Fixing holes in walls
-Cleaning the entire house
-Cleaning absolutely filthy carpets in the whole house after our moving company forgot to lay down floor protectors while walking up and down our muddy garden path and into the house.
-Using a special carpet washing machine to clean up some especially tough stains.

He speaks fluent English, is extremely honest and transparent in his pricing, and is completely reliable and independent, producing high quality work without any need to check or supervise.

So, I can highly recommend him for interior decoration and pre-etat de lieu professional cleaning services. The quality of his work was excellent, his prices were very reasonable, and I recommend him strongly as a polite, friendly, highly motivated, highly reliable person.

Feel free to send me a private message if you want to speak to me direct with specific questions.

- Boffers
Isobel O
Sep 4, 2014 by Isobel O
Adam put some lights up in our apartment. He was very helpful and did exactly what we asked. He was also able to come the same day, and is a very friendly guy.
luciano s
Aug 15, 2014 by luciano s
Adam did an excelent job putting lights. He is responsible and prices are very reasonable. I highly recommend Adam.
Rob G
Jul 9, 2014 by Rob G
We have used Adam a LOT during May 2014 - July 2014
We use him so frequently because
- his work is excellent
- his prices are very very reasonable.

In the past we have used swiss contractors. Their work was good. In line with what is expected. But you pay astronomical swiss prices. (and amazingly 1 swiss electrician complained the job involved too much 'hard' work and not enough connecting wires).

We have used Portugese, Spanish, Romanian, Slovak labourers. Some work was good. Some not great. Prices cheaper than swiss but not much difference than Adam.

Difference is Adam is easy to communicate with (English). He thinks about the work and works independently. As always it takes a bit of time to set expectations and adjust to each other. After that was behind us, he was ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT.

He is a trained electrician by trade. Spent 7 years in painting and interior reconstruction.

I have already recommended him to all my friends that need fix-it work. Our neighbours started using him too.

This is summary of work he did for us over 2 months

- He saved me at least 600chf by stripping apart the digester (thing above the stove) to find the faulty circuit, and locate that specific piece on-line and order it. The service man wanted to replace the entire component. Adam saved me a lot of money.

- water connection inside concrete walls of house was not tightened properly when house was built. For 7 years it was been dripping inside walls. Plumbers knocked out massive 1m hole in the wall. We could put our arm directly through the wall ... to the outside. Adam sealed it up, insulted properly, attached a water basin outside. Painted everything. Perfect work.

- pulled LAN cable through the walls of 2 floors using existing in-wall cable routing. No drilling. I dont know how he did it. He fixed long standing problem with broadband capacity in the basement where the TV is. Swisscom would not help us for years and I invested at least 1000chf into IoP and other tech solutions. I should have called Adam years ago

- re-enforce a wobbly section of fence. The way he did it makes it look like part of the original construction... not some ugly add-on. Fantastic !

- strip years of varnish off outdoor furniture. Re-varish. It looks wonderful now. He even installed a lighting system underneath the table running off an independent power source (my wife hates electricity cables). Now we have beautiful outdoor furniture that lights up from beneath. Very elegant.

- extend a retaining wall in yard.
- imbed lighting into the retaining wall
- fix broken garden lighting (broken prices, fixed electrical cables, buried them properly)
- strip old surface off and old wall. Seal the wall from both sides. Put a new surface on the wall.
- level the ground
- weather proof roof of house and all exterior areas (seal all cracks, seal all openings, apply several coats of sealant on wood)
- replace burned out transformers (built into walls) so interior light works properly
- fixing kitchen cabinets (so doors spin properly, other doors close properly)
- addition of new electrical outlets
- refurbish wooden fence
- cutting hedges and trees (not his comfort zone, but not difficult work to master). Yard was spotless when he left.
- fix cracks in walls and repaint walls.

So in the areas of Electrical, Interior surfaces and general maintenance he is absolutely excellent. And his prices are very very very fair. Highly recommend.
Jun 29, 2013 by Amber
After reading good reviews here, we hired Adam to help renovate our downstairs toilet, but the quality of work was poor. Not one of the jobs we asked him to do was carried out to a satisfactory standard....the walls were not smooth, the light switch was upside down(!), you could see the join in the ceiling panels. The new toilet didn't fit with the old pipe and rather than find a proper solution, the toilet was fitted with the front slightly raised and there was a small leak at the pipe. Our new toilet was covered in silicone, which he never attempted to clean up. Even the toilet seat wasn't straight. I asked him not to complete the remaining jobs, as i was so unhappy with the quality. I was left very out of pocket and thoroughly disappointed. Thankfully my father and husband corrected and completed the work (and despite having no experience, my husband did a much better job of the walls). We were hoping to find someone to do further projects on our home, but we will look elsewhere in future.
Aurélie M
Sep 18, 2012 by Aurélie M
Adam painted our living-room. The result was very good.
Sep 18, 2012 by scottie
Adam plastered the ceiling in our basement and I can highly recommend him as reliable, a hard worker, professional and a quality finish.
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Adam T
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Adam T
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