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Gandhi Cafe
26 Reviews
Categories:  Restaurants  >  Indian

32 rue de Neuchatele

phone: 022 731 4112
website: http://www.gandhi.ch
Member Reviews (26)
emma f
Feb 17, 2014 by emma f
By far the best Indian restaurant in Geneva! We go there very often. Although I agree that they are slow in delivering the food. You HAVE to try it!
Jillian N
Mar 19, 2013 by Jillian N
The food was decent, but the delivery was awful. We waited for over an hour and a half, and when it came there were items missing.
Shannon Wright
Jul 11, 2012 by Shannon Wright
As the name suggest, it’s an Indian restaurant which offers excellent food in great ambience. But it is always packed so it is a good idea to make a reservation. The vegetarian options were full of flavor and the non-vegetarians curry dishes were authentic. Bollywood songs in the background give a lively feel to the environment.
Alicia  Hamilton
Apr 21, 2012 by Alicia Hamilton
Excellent food and great ambience. I would like to give high ratings for this place.
Nicholas  Conrad
Apr 21, 2012 by Nicholas Conrad
I can honestly say that the time we spent and the food we had was so memorable that it will be with us for the rest of our lives. Will definitely go there again.
Mike Rider
Apr 21, 2012 by Mike Rider
I love the place. Service is great. Nice place to spend quality time with closed ones. High recommendations.
Tom Donald
Apr 17, 2012 by Tom Donald
Good food. Good ambience. Nice place to spend a quiet afternoon with friends
Seema Ray
Apr 16, 2012 by Seema Ray
Prices are not too steep. Loved the bollywood songs in the background while having my chai.
Olivia T
Sep 8, 2011 by Olivia T
Love it love it love it!
Indian food is the best and they do it well.

Lia K
Aug 1, 2011 by Lia K
I love it here & have never waited long to be served. Always always one of my favourite places to go to on a night out with my husband. tops.
Jun 14, 2010 by adam_jeff
Excellent food, and a friendly atmosphere. I've been a few times and never had a problem with the service, but then I don't mind waiting for good food.
Oct 21, 2007 by Richie
"The Gandhi home delivery service is a joke.. I've ordered a few times and they are always lateand ALWAYS get the order wrong. We just ordered again tonight and they just lost our order and never turned up.
Never again."
Jul 12, 2007 by Makso
"great ambience, friendly staff, nice food. I do agree they can do better with the time it takes to prepare the meals."
Jun 18, 2007 by LoopyChew
"Food is excellent, but not worth the combination of wait and price. Were service quicker or easier to flag down (they always seem to have their backs turned away or their heads down) this rating would have an extra star easily."
Apr 13, 2007 by youpiao
"High quality ingredients, and the food is OK, but it's pretty bland, and not a patch on what could be found in the average northern British town. The slow service comments are worth heeding - I left before being served once, after waiting an hour and a quarter."
Mar 5, 2007 by Frank_H
"Good Indian food, moderately priced. The service was always friendly and not slow, although the place was always packed when I dropped by. Better make a reservation. There are Bollywood movies playing in the back."
Mar 1, 2007 by funkynoname
"Yummy Indian food but definitely don't go there if you're in a hurry. The waiters are great (they kept giving us free drinks as we waited for our table) and as long as you're with a good crowd and willing to spend the evening at the dinner table, great place to go :) The fixed menu choice is really good and quite cheap for all that comes with it (you get to have a little of everything that way). Yummy food and good ambience (you can entertain yourself watching bollywood movies in the big screen at the end of the room-hilarious :P)."
Feb 11, 2007 by The_Smart
Great service... Good Food... Cool people running it... will always recommend...
Feb 8, 2007 by Mehul
the best Indian food in town!! always recommend to friends and colleagues !!
Feb 7, 2007 by Susie
Totally agree. In this day and age when time is money how long are we supposed to wait for food. It took them more than an hour to even get our orders through. I think they would do much better if they hired some more staff. Otherwise the food was very good.
Feb 6, 2007 by iangeneva
"Top food, but is it worth the two hours wait (one hour for the table you booked to become free and a further hour to be served)? That loses stars for me. Shame."
Feb 4, 2007 by Sab_ge
"Very good Indian food..but slow service..so avoid if you are in hurry...however, waiters are really nice and polite.
Delivery service is fine..sometime a bit late..but very good price for the quality..
one of my favorite !"
Feb 3, 2007 by Throttle
"very delecious food, at last i can eat something which is not sweet or cheesy and without potatoes"
Nir Ofek
Jan 30, 2007 by Nir Ofek
"Good Indian food, and a great lunch time buffet (all you can eat for around CHF 20)"
Jan 30, 2007 by GuillaumeTel
"Used to go there a couple times with colleagues.
Food is good, but once it took almost 1 hour to get served, so my friends boycotted that restaurant during a while. Should be faster now if they stick to the buffet method"
Jan 28, 2007 by marieka
Superbe food. Slow service. Delivery available via phone or internet (full menu online).
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