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Cookies by HappyBelly2012
10 Reviews
Categories:  Professional Services  >  Others
Keywords:  Cookies


website: http://happybelly2012.blogspot.ch
email: happybelly2012hb@gmail.com
Do you like the butter cookies? Do you like the decorated cookies? I can do it for you!!

I am a girl who loves to cook. The kitchen is my favorite place and where I spend most of my time.

I make butter cookies decorated with icing. The Icing’s flavors are lemon or vanilla.

If you have a birthday, a party, a baby shower, a first communion, a wedding or if you want to surprise someone and even you want to eat them!! Please send me a message and together we can find something beautiful for each occasion.

Minimum order 12units. (12 of one design or 6-6, two designs)

3 CHF / unit (Orders with one week in advance)

Price of deliveries depend of km.

Please, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail to ask me. It's free!!

Member Reviews (10)
Emma John
Oct 11, 2013 by Emma John
Great cookies - looked fab and tasted amazing! Any party needs some of these funky cookies to impress friends and family :)
Amy B
Oct 7, 2013 by Amy B
Almost too cute to eat! Theresa's cookie art is absolutely adorable.
Corinne Z
Oct 7, 2013 by Corinne Z
I almost didn't dare a first bite because the cookies looked just too cute. But not only did the buttercookies look great, they tasted fantastic. Not too sweet, not too buttery - just right and therefore I can highly recommend them to anyone for any occasion. I will definitely get back to Teresa if I need a treat with a special design for a party, as a present or simply my sweet tooth ;)
Oct 7, 2013 by J T
What to try first? The penguin? The gnome? The adorable birds? How about a sheep or mouse? It seems almost a pity to eat such lovely charmingly created cookies ... but they taste so good. Buttery and just the right amount of sugar to be sweet without overwhelming, and the loving attention to detail in the designs never failed to make me grin - highly recommended for party occasions and everyday treats!
Justine S
Oct 6, 2013 by Justine S
The hardest is actually to find the "first victim cookie"... They all look so cute (perfect design, nice colors and accurate details). But once you've tasted it, you have less problem grabbing a second (or a third one) they are just delicious!
You don't need an occasion for it, it creates the occasion ;-)
Be aware, you might get addicted!
Congrats Tere
Vera S
Oct 6, 2013 by Vera S
I was lucky enough to attend an event today where Teresa showcased some of her cookies, not only to look at but also to eat!

The beautiful, intricate, fun and imaginative designs instantly put a smile on everyone's face - how could they not? Little sheep, mice, penguins, chicks (the birds came as boys and girls!) and garden gnomes. These were only the tip of Teresa's repertoire iceberg: she will design and personalize cookies limited only by our imagination.

Visual impact a given, the taste of the cookies is just excellent - it is a quality product. The short butter base is topped with a thin crunchy icing which carries the colours. The sweetness is perfect and the cookies are light to eat. Dangerously moreish, though. So many reasons to reach into the cookie jar just one more time...!

Veerle M
Sep 16, 2013 by Veerle M
The cookies from Happy Belly are just amazing! They look good, they are very tasty and they have a great texture (not too dry, which is important to me).

Teresa has made cookies for me two times already and both times they were a big success!

When I ordered the cookies I told her what I was thinking of. She then sent me a bunch of designs I could choose from, but I could also just say what I wanted and she'd make it. So she's very flexible and creative.

The designs Teresa made for me are ballet shoes, ballet tutus, flags, music notes and something movie themed.

So if you want something special to serve at your party or something original and personal to give someone, Teresa is the person to contact!
María M
Sep 13, 2013 by María M
I hired Teresa to do me cookies for my two weddings: as my now husband is Portuguese and I'm Spanish, we celebrated our marriage in both countries! I chose two cookies from different options Teresa sent me, but the third type, Teresa created just for me! As my husband is a motorcycle fun I wanted to do something with that, and she created a bride and a groom riding a red motorcycle that was just FAB! I also hired her once again to do cookies with the logo of my company, and she nailed it! That's the cool thing about what Teresa has to offer: you can really personalize your party or your gift!!! I will OF COURSE hire her again soon and recommend her with my eyes closed!!!
Sep 12, 2013 by Ana_Izq
Amazing cookies, well worthwhile!
William K
Sep 12, 2013 by William K
Last year I had the privilege of sampling a batch of Tere's Christmas themed biscuits. I must say that they were exquisite. The lemon flavoured icing offsets the buttery biscuit perfectly. Her designs included a Christmas tree, a snowman and a Santa Claus. Each biscuit was meticulously hand crafted and perfectly finished. A batch of these biscuits would make a wonderful festive treat or indeed a perfect gift for any occasion. I cannot rate Tere and her biscuits highly enough!
Posted By:
Teresa Garcia
Business Owner:
Teresa Garcia
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