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Health Wise Life
20 Reviews
Categories:  Beauty & Spas  >  Massage
Keywords:  massage, acupressure, physiotherapy,

Geneva 1218

phone: +41 78 603 26 94
website: http://http://healthwiselife.org/
email: [email protected]
Modern Physiotherapy & Traditional Chinese Medicine: Medical Massage, Radial Shockwave, Orthopaedic Acupuncture, Cold Laser, Acupressure, Chiropractic, Cupping, Post Isometric Relaxation, and Reflexotherapy.
Member Reviews (20)
David M
Nov 25, 2018 by David M
I heard of Gerry through a recommendation and now I’m the one recommending him to friends. Gerry’s integrative therapy combines techniques from many different schools and together they result in the first treatment I’ve found that yields results for my chronic neck pains and headaches. Gerry always tries his best to accommodate emergencies at short notice and will dedicate as much time as is necessary to discover the root cause of the problem and treat it until it’s resolved. Extremely knowledgeable and effective. If you think there’s no more hope you should try seeing Gerry before giving up.
Cristina Angela
Jan 23, 2018 by Cristina Angela
Hi everyone! When you've tried them all and you have spent in vain your money on useless osteopat or fizioteraphy treatments and your family doctor says that you have to accept your pain as a part of your daily life....well its not true! Still you have a chance....and that chance is called Gerry. I bumped into him by mistake when i was struggling to accept my back pain. After 8 seances i can say that i feel like new. Give him a hint about your suffering and he will fix it. Plus, those are well spent money and reimboursed by your assurance. I think its important for the people that cannot afford much, like me for example!
Thank you again Gerry!
Larisa Pedrini
Jan 17, 2018 by Larisa Pedrini
Gerry is one of the most knowledgeable and caring professionals that I have been seeing. I have been trying to find a good specialist for my neck/back issues for a year now and I have finally found someone who is able to help me and improve my quality of life and self-being. I have tried a few other specialists throughout the year and it was nice in terms of relaxation but besides that and maybe a day of feeling good there wasn't much in terms of treatment. Gerry is using a variety of techniques to not just take away the symptoms but also to find the cause of the problem and work on that. What also makes him different is care and personal approch to understand the situation. Highly recommend.
Oct 12, 2017 by hay_
Gerry is working hard at trying to make me my old painfree self again :) no walk in the park, sessions are not a relaxing massage as you would dream of getting. instead, he applies many different techniques in order to prepare the body to receive the appropriate treatment. he is very good, dedicated, extremely versed in the knowledge of healing through a very holistic approach. furthermore, he really cares about the patient's well being and asks to be informed regularly in between sessions so he fully grasps the outcome of applied treatment and can thus prepare efficiently for the next one. might i add that his constant reminder that the patient is fully responsible for the speed of the treatment and needs to participate fully by adopting a new way of life? I really recommend his treatment.
Sarah G
Aug 15, 2017 by Sarah G
I have a chronic back problem due to a mishaped vertebrae which causes ongoing back pain and sciatica.

Gerry's ongoing help is invaluable and has made a massive difference to my quality of life. I have been able to stop using pain killers.

The therapeutic massage Gerry provides differs from standard massage and is an intense experience, particularly the myofasical massage. But the results are outstanding. Gerry is able to isolate the problematic areas and release them.

Gerry is a very focused person who relentlessly studies to improve his knowledge and skills and ensure his clients receive care tailored to their needs. He is also a very open and honest person and a pleasure to spend time with. Thank you Gerry!
Tom C
Jul 28, 2017 by Tom C
Gerry has helped me immensely through our therapy sessions with what is a complicated health situation. I have been trying to recover from an autoimmune illness that made my body weak and tired and generally left me feeling cloudy and washed out and with pain throughout the body. Alongside this complex complaint, I was suffering from gout which was causing pain in my joints.

Gerry has a rare depth of knowledge on the function of the body and musculature and also in very wide range different therapeutic massages, myofascia release, reflexology, acupressure and body alignment techniques. We methodically worked through calming the areas of the body which were aggravating both of my conditions. In addition he was also able to really help me with some sporting injuries and to explain the potential imbalances which contributed to these pains. It seems he has extensive experience in dealing with sports people/injuries as well as being someone who engages in sports himself and is easy to talk to in relation to the therapy, rest and approach to continue to participate in these activities pain free.

My wife also saw Gerry for a case on tendonitis that didn't have a great prognosis. She saw rapid, long-lasting results after his therapy sessions. As he is also able to speak in Russian, this helped her as she could explain her situation in her mother tongue.

Highly recommended.

Trevor M
Jul 11, 2016 by Trevor M
Gerry can focus on a source of pain and work the areas until the pain is released. He is passionate about his skill and brings knowledge of Eastern and Western traditions to refresh the muscles. He also has personal experiences of recovery and aims to make sure your overall health improves and you reach your health goals.
Fiona K
Jun 10, 2016 by Fiona K
I have been going to Gerry for a few months now and can't believe how much better I feel. After years of different injuries or pain or stiffness, I feel amazing. I want to pick up sports again, I can go downstairs and move like I'm 20 years younger.
Gerry knows the body and muscles. He strips down layers of muscle and works methodically. It's worth the pain at the time to feel amazing later.
He's persuaded me to alter my diet, my bad habits and think about my body. I haven't done that for years and now I feel fantastic. Highly recommend his sessions to anyone who thinks alternatives to drugs is worth a try.
5th star will be when I've completed my recovery!
Gwendoline de Ganay
Jun 6, 2016 by Gwendoline de Ganay
Je recommande fortement les soins de Gerry, surtout si vous avez des douleurs ou un incomfort que la medecine habtiuelle n'arrive pas à traiter. Je suis allée le voir pour des douleurs dans le cou et dans le dos et il m'a énormeément soulagée. Surtout, il a une approche globale et essaie vraiment de traiter les origines du problème et pas seulement les symptomes. Une très bonne addresse !!
shannon l
Mar 23, 2016 by shannon l
Gerry is very professional and competent. He understands the body and how it all interconnects and will explain in detail to you what he is doing and why. I am currently being treated for bad knees, atrophied muscles and most importantly, depression! With Gerry's knowledge and guidance I am detoxifying my body of chemicals, medications and processed foods! He is taking a very wholistic approach to my health and is working with me to regain my vitality and break free from the prescription medication that spiralling my depressed state and overall health! If you have exhausted all other avenues for help and want to take your life back into your control don't hesitate to contact Gerry Ivanov! Its changing my life for the positive!! THANK YOU GERRY
Regina Montes
Mar 2, 2016 by Regina Montes
Hi! Am Regina Montes a client of Gerry Ivanov at the HEALTH WISE LIFE. I highly recommended him as a physiotherapist. Am relieve that I meet him through Face Book. At that time am looking for physiotherapist. Am suffering for a bad stiffneck due to my spike in my spine. I will finish my 10 session on Friday 4th of March 2016.
Khalid Alahmed
Feb 27, 2016 by Khalid Alahmed
Gerry is a professional knowledgable therapist. There are many certified therapists, but Gerry knows how to analyze a problem and address it. He is an athlete and understands sports related injuries, he has seen many cases, his experience was clear when I went to see him.
For years I complained about a back discomfort pain, and Gerrry was able to resolve that in a few sessions, he also helped release many stiff points in my shoulder and legs. I have recommended him to many friends and colleagues.
Karen Ingram
Dec 1, 2015 by Karen Ingram
I can highly recommend Gerry. I visited him with a sports related back injury and after a couple of sessions I was pain free. His massages are amazing-my injury comes back occasionally and normally takes months to fully recover. Not this time Gerry's amazing fingers worked some magic.
claude v
Mar 16, 2015 by claude v
J'ai déjà eu l'occasion deux fois de bénéficier de massages de la part de Gerry. Son toucher est précis et ferme. Gerry est attentif, disponible et sait s'adapter à ma demande. Je vais continuer le travail avec lui et je ne peux que recommander ce masseur. Claude
Alex A
Mar 2, 2015 by Alex A
A colleague recommended Gerry to me. I decided to give it a try a couple of weeks ago. Well, two days ago I had my second therapy session with him, and I could only recommend him to you too. I am very glad that I will be able to visit him in his new studio in Institut de Médecine Naturelle. This guy has skills indeed.
Ana N
Feb 13, 2015 by Ana N
Due to stress and work pressure I had bloked neck and shoulders. I was not able to lay down and fall asleep. With few visits Gerry released the pain and I started to move normaly. I only can recommend him to everybody with similar problem!
Petko P
Feb 3, 2015 by Petko P
I really would like to recommend Gerry and I would say big THANK YOU for helping me get rid of my aches. My back hurted so badly that i could hardly sleep. But after a few visits , Gerry made my new again. Thank you , Gerry for your golden hands. God bless you
Stefan Slavchev
Jan 29, 2015 by Stefan Slavchev
I had a constant pain in my back and neck for a few months. I spent a lot of money for a new and expensive sleeping mat and a pillow, but nothing helped. A friend told me about Gerry and after a few weeks I am a new person! Now I wake in the morning fresh and relaxed and the pain is gone. I strongly recommend him as an excellent professional and a really nice person.
Pepa P
Jan 23, 2015 by Pepa P
I've been suffering of a spinal disc protrusion for about a year. After I started a therapy course with Gerry a month ago, I rapidly bettered my physical condition. I highly recommend him to everyone who need a therapist with such distinguished qualification.
Vanya G
Jan 23, 2015 by Vanya G
I would like to express my gratitude toward Gerry for his golden hands! He is an excellent professional and I appreciate his gentleness and understanding as personality. I can recommend Gerry for his skills to anyone that just would like to have a relaxing massage or has a specific medical issue that can be treated by the methods that he employs.
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Gerry D
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Gerry D
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