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Home in Lausanne
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Categories:  Professional Services  >  Moving / Relocation, Pets  >  Other, Professional Services  >  Insurance
Keywords:  Immigrating to Lausanne? Confused?

Lausanne & Surrounds

phone: 0788667160
email: [email protected]
We will:

1) Find you an apartment
• Search for available rentals that suit your requirements by using a variety of local resources.
• View these places for you while you are at work/abroad
-------Emailing you photos of each, with detailed descriptions and a summary of the neighbourhood!
• Help put together your rental dossier (a stack of paperwork required for rental application)
• Apply to the agencies immediately (thus ensuring that your application gets the ‘first-come-first-serve’ priority)

2) Help get you legal
• Getting you the health/home insurance best suited to your needs/wallet (and Swiss law)

3) Help you get started
• Give you all the local advice on the best transport passes, cell phone contracts, bank accounts, shops, restaurants, festivals, fun, deals, etc etc etc…

4) Service any other questions/tasks regarding your move to Switzerland/Lausanne
• Learning French/English? Moving with your pet? Buying a car? Finding a school? Bicycle? Friends? Fellow expats? Job? Importing household goods? Moving furniture? Etc. Etc. Etc.

All from the price of CHF250.00

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