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Hotel Alpadze Lou Kra
3 Reviews
Categories:  Hotels and Travel  >  Hotels


Member Reviews (3)
Apr 25, 2014 by martin
So we went a 2nd time to give it a 2nd chance. How wrong where we. The pool hasn't still been fixed - even more dangerous gaps, just covered with a yellow sign. How much does it cost to fix this?
Room was OK this time, but... by accident our daughter ran into a glass vase - the first thing the lady behind the reception could say is - YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT. Not if the kid is ok, or any empathy... Ofcourse I will pay, that's why we have insurance.... That piece of glass costed apparently 250 francs. Thieving bastards they are. Avoid this place like the plague, and I hope buyclub will from now steer clear of these crooks.

We bought the buyclub voucher for 2 nights, and have very mixed feelings about this hotel.

On the pictures it looked all nice and modern, however in the building we where in everything was really old and tired - and in desperate of even repairs. Let alone an overhaul. 2 of the electricity sockets where broken. the bedside lamps didn't work at all, nor did one of the master light switches. In the bathroom - 2 industrial soap dispensers... really? one knob of the water tap just came off all the time, and the cabinet above the sink was rusting. The bed linnnen was run-down... though clean!
I'm sure there must be nicer rooms in the hotel, however - i peaked in when we checked out into other rooms - and they where all the same.
Expect 2 staff members (or perhaps the owners) who where really nice and accommodating, the rest of the staff - where clearly not trained, nor interested of making people feeling welcome. At the bar the guy kept on starting discussion with people who wanted to have a quick pizza - saying it wasn't possible. Sometimes he'd be gone for 15 minutes... nobody knew whereto, or he'd be chatting for the same amount of time just ignoring other people.

The Spa.
Haven't visited the actual spa, but the dressingrooms for the pool have been redone. To be honest. This money could have been better spent on the pool - because this pool is dangerous. On the edges in the corners - the tiles have come up - they have been trying to fix it a bit - but it still is dangerous. The covers on the drains on the side of the pool where in one place partly missing - and ofcourse, as it always goes with kiddies, my daughter fell in with her whole right leg. there where rusty metal screws sticking out - and I don't want to known what would have happened if that would have caught her leg/flesh. Her leg would have been ripped open from top to bottom. With a FUCKING RUSTY screw!
When we went to the reception to report it - at least we would have expected some interest - but the girl behind the reception (not sure if she wanted to be there at all) just gave us a very lukewarm - I will tell.... and that was all - No compassion - nothing. Needless to say that we left. So if you still have your voucher - some parts are lovely in this place (the restaurant is "quite" good) - please be careful in the pool and don't expect too much.
Would I advise this place to my friends? Definitely NOT.

Mar 18, 2013 by BCROVER
We bought the buyclub voucher for 2 nights and another voucher as a present for a couple travelling with us. We went the week after Christmas.

We arrived at the hotel and checked in, our guests were given a nice room with a balcony while we were given a dungeon. I went back to the reception and asked to change rooms as the room was almost below ground and the window, well you would have had to really stand on your tip toes to see out, and even then you would have seen a brown wooden railing and not much else. The room was tiny (I mean storage cupboard tiny) and no charm about it at all. The receptionist was absolutely lovely and agreed to change the room to a lovely one right in the top of the hotel. The new room was very very dated but 100% better than the one we were offered. Most of the fixtures in the bathroom were as Martin said industrial despensers and rusting quite badly.

I feel what made up for this dated run down hotel was the location of the hotel breath taking views, lovely walks and the staff at the hotel. The receptionist was absolutely helpful, friendly and very very nice. The guy at the bar was funny and full of chat and while he wasn't at the bar all the time he served us well when he was and we weren't waiting long either. The restaurant was really lovely and the waiter (we had the same guy both nights) was a real pleasure and recommended some lovely dishes and wines.

Both of us (both couples) agreed overall it was a nice experience and for the price we were happy. But as Aurelie B says had it not been for buyclub vouchers I probably wouldn't go again until it is modernised and updated a little more.
Aurelie B
Mar 18, 2013 by Aurelie B
Just want to mix it up a little because we were there in February for 2 nights and overall had a good time. We didn't encounter any of the problems in the room, even if it wasn't the most modern and spacious room, it was good enough. And if the staff weren't the most proactive, they were still very accommodating and nice.
We had great fun at the pool with 2 small kids, watching the snow storm from the window (amazing view). No bad experience there either.
The only real downfall I had was at the spa. I booked an hour long massage and although the massage was nice (not great), the room was freezing and there was no heating whatsoever. Spent an hour thinking about how cold I am, not really concentrating on the massage.

I would have found it quite bad for the price if I hadn't booked it with the buyclub voucher, it's true but all in all had a nice experience and the kids had great fun.
So it's a mixed review. Not totally bad but not great either...
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