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IT help&support
12 Reviews
Categories:  Professional Services  >  Computer Technicians
Keywords:  Mac, PC, Windows, Linux, Laptop, Tablet, Apple

Route du Grand-Lancy 100
Lancy 1212

phone: 0041799183426
email: omazic.iv@gmail.com

Software support :
Installing updates, installing/re-installing OS, cleaning malware, viruses, spyware.
Installing new software revisions and advising how to prolong speed and responsibility of your PC.
Detecting problems and advising how to solve them.
Parental control - protect your kids on internet.

Hardware support:
Repairing and rebuilding your PC.
Cleaning hardware component (common cause of overheating and system instability).
Assembling PC that will match your personal preferences and needs, or advice you how to choose one.

Broken/not working Apple iMac, Mac Book series, laptops, desktop PCs.

If you have broken/not working Apple iMac, Mac Book series, laptops, desktop PCs, please contact me. After diagnosis, I might be interested in buying it.
Member Reviews (12)
Brenda  S
Aug 5, 2017 by Brenda S
I was very impressed with Ivan and couldn't agree more with all the reviews uere. He is very reliable and honest. Ivan was very frank with me about the cost of payimg to fix my laptop vs. the cost of buying a new one after his first diagnosis. I will definitely use his services in the future!
Siddik S
May 7, 2017 by Siddik S
I had to replace hard-disk of my Ultrabook,Ivan got into action.

He guided me to buy new one and gave some feasible options.
He gave me an hourly rate of his work and he told that this work should not take more than an hour.

I was really impressed with his work. He not only completed this within half an hour but too my surprise he didnt charged me for full hour but only half an hour.

He is really professional and very affordable. I definitely recommend him.
Matina S
Oct 17, 2012 by Matina S
Ivan fixed my computer in a timely, professional manner.

+++, as a Bonus he offered the free Advice and Software in order for me to clean and update easily.

I can only recommend his services.

Maya L
Oct 10, 2012 by Maya L
Wow, Ivan not only fixed the problem I was having with my computer, but also cleaned the insides (dismantling this computer was no small feat). I think this helped it immensely because it is now very quiet and running smoothly.

I would highly recommend Ivan!
Janet K
Oct 10, 2012 by Janet K
I am not at all technically savvy when it comes to computers and have to rely on the skills and knowledge of others to ensure my equipment is running well. For the last year or so, my computer hasn't been running optimally. I kept thinking the HD was dying, but I replaced that a few weeks ago and it still sounded like it was grinding to a painful and certain death. Ivan listened to the pops and scratches coming from computer, said he thought it might need to be cleaned, and proceeded to dismantle my MacBook.

Boy, howdy, was he right! I've had this computer six years and it was filthy! He cleaned it up, put it back together, and had it running in under an hour. Six hours later, it's still running quietly and seems to have a new lease on life.

Ivan's rates are incredibly reasonable, he is personable and professional, and it was a pleasure to work with him. If you need a computer guru, this should be your guy!
Boba O
Oct 3, 2012 by Boba O
Ivan rocks! i must admit it's hard to keep updated with all the technology so there are points when i need to reach out for professional care. so i called Ivan and he took care of my desktop computer which was loud and annoyingly slow. he fixed both, so now with some gadgets installed the fans are running on optimum speed thus more quite, and cleaned all the malware and stuff camping in it ;)
Moreover he also recommended to connect PC with the flat TV, so we can view movies, pictures, etc on the big screen rather then on PC, bought the cable, connected the 2 in a discreet way hiding the cable from views, and now we stream videos from internet only on big TV :) wonderful! highly recommend his service!
Marketa T
Sep 22, 2012 by Marketa T
I'm totally unexperienced when it comes to IT. Thus I was happy to contact Ivan when my laptop became really slow, starting for 10 minutes etc. He found out it was full of viruses and other unwanted stuff. He completely cleaned it and re-installed it and it runs like new... Thank you Ivan! Anytime I have a slightest IT problem I'll go to you for help!
elias natareno
Sep 18, 2012 by elias natareno
I have a laptop almost new, and one day start's as turtle speed, and try to fix it myself without success, and was thinking of changing it definitely, and then Ivan told me that he can fixed this problem, and he took my computer a couple of days, and after that now is like complete new again, Im very happy with his Job...
Brandon L
Sep 10, 2012 by Brandon L
Ivan helped me setup a new laptop to have faster internet access and streamline the processing and he did it very quickly. He also went beyond the call of duty by driving to my apartment to pickup and dropoff my laptop! Very professional service...
Annabelle Blue
Sep 8, 2012 by Annabelle Blue
Ivan came to buy a computer and it was really easy to deal with him. I recommend communication with him.
Marcelo G
Sep 5, 2012 by Marcelo G
I just want to describe in few words about this service:
- Reliable
- Professional
- Fast
And all these for a fair price!

Thank you for your help!
Sep 5, 2012 by Mady
I asked Ivan to fix my computer a couple of months ago and he did a very good job. The problems were fixed and he even improved some other things.
He did it very quickly at a very decent price, and I am truly happy with the work.
Next time I need something IT fixed, I'll ask Ivan for sure. It was pleasant to deal with him.
Posted By:
Ivan Omazic
Business Owner:
Ivan Omazic
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